Laser Operated Screens - Using Laser Sensors & Laser Lights | HCLTech

Touch screen technology has given a new way of using communication devices e.g. smartphones and tablets. And now other devices has also started using Touch screens  like Smart Watches, Laptops, Washing Machine touch panels and other consumer electronic devices. But if a person tries to operate these devices without touching them (screens or buttons), it’s difficult. For example if we want to automate touch devices, it’s hard to do it without human intervention. Even if he uses the robotic arm, many of the scenarios for automation of these devices are not feasible. For example If he wants to swipe a screen, it will not be possible through automation.

So we can think of the devices those can operate on Laser lights. These would be  having sensors within screens which can detect the Laser light and can work using Laser torch. And the desired actions will be perform on the devices. The laser sensor panel can be integrated into the stack of the display screen panels in the similar way as the touch panel is added. The feasibility needs to be done on what should come on up and down in the stack.

. On the other hand It will reduce the manual intervention and will allow most of the testing scenarios to be covered in the test automation. Thus it will reduce the cost, time and human efforts. Download whitepaper to continue reading

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