Market Report on Analytic Databases and Warehouses | HCLTech

Data warehousing is a developed industry, and even companies like Cazena, Databricks and Starburst, which operate in similar fields, are not developing new technologies. As a result, choosing between products can be difficult unless unique features are needed, such as support for time-series, Scala, or PMML. The benefits of managed services and cloud-first architecture are well known, but they are not free, while most other features you may need are widely available. Performance, on the other hand, is usually a major factor. It's not easy to choose between all of the available options. The majority of the products covered in this report have been around for more than a decade and have all of the features you'd expect from a mature product. When new entrants to the market first emerged, they may have had some initial benefits, but these have now largely vanished. Many of the items listed in this Market Update are, in reality, deserving of serious consideration. Actian has always boasted cutting-edge technology. However, it has had difficulty with marketing and publicity. With HCLTech full commitment to Actian Avalanche and the ability to tap into the company's global salesforce, Avalanche has a good chance of becoming a market-leading offering in the cloud/hybrid data warehousing space.

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