Medical Devices – Non-interconnectable Analysis of Small-Bore Connectors (Luers) towards ISO 80369-7 Standard Compliance | HCLTech

This whitepaper will focus on analyzing Non-interconnectable characteristics of Small Bore Connectors as per ISO 80369-7 - Connectors with 6% (Luer) taper for Intravascular or Hypodermic applications. Also, it provides a high-level approach on how an existing Luer part can be demonstrated and shown to be compliant to ISO 80369-7 in case of any dimensionally non-compliant to ISO 80369-7. This whitepaper included a test case that shall apply to any type of Luer for ISO 80369-7 compliance. Overall, this paper presents an overview of one of the approaches for making all Luers be dimensionally compliant with ISO 80369-7 standard without implementing design changes. The same approach shall be applied to any small-bore connectors which are dimensionally non-compliant to their respective ISO 80369 part. Download the whitepaper to continue reading.

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