BOM Reconcilation | HCLTech

While implementing BOM Management / BOM Reconciliation process for various customers in discrete manufacturing we found common challenges like manual generation of BOM for example generating MBOM from EBOM, carry forwarding geometry and other information, Verification of EBOM and MBOM, Validation of MBOM before releasing and publishing, managing phantom parts, managing supplier parts, managing semi-finished / raw materials and managing changes in Design BOM (DBOM) to Engineering BOM (EBOM) to Manufacturing BOM (MBOM).

We had multiple discussion with customer on various approach to address above challenges and implementing those using PLM system. As a next step we have collected such use cases,  best solution developed through various implementations we have done and come up with templatized solution methodology helping overcome challenges mentioned above. 

This paper explain challenges mentioned above and key points mentioned below which an enterprise needs to consider while overcoming the challenges of maintaining BOM accuracy by acknowledging and addressing common failure points.

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