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Unlocking Value through Legacy Modernization

Unlocking Value through Legacy Modernization

According to industry estimates, most of the business critical applications for not only midsize companies, but also many Fortune 500 corporations run on legacy systems, due to the system’s excellent performance and stability. CIO’s and IT managers handling these applications constantly face challenges such as:

  • High cost of supporting and maintaining expensive legacy applications
  • Inefficient, slow and less productive system compared to the competition
  • Unmitigated risk associated with lack of skill availability in the resource market
  • Risk associated with running business critical applications on unsupported platforms
  • Higher time to market due to large, monolithic, complex and less productive systems
  • Integration with newer systems due to incompatibility with new and different technologies

Legacy Modernization pertains to a solution that adapts to the on-demand needs of business―a move that will help slash IT costs; promises even greater return when firms leverage existing technology with emerging Internet standards to extend specific business services to other applications, companies, and business processes; introducing a new level of balance between maintenance and responsiveness―a new level of business agility.
HCLTech’s legacy modernization solution offers enhanced flexibility to your enterprise by modernizing and migrating your legacy systems to help you increase business responsiveness, lower costs and mitigate risks.

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