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Cybersecurity Management and Cyber Resilience in Financial Services

Supercharging cybersecurity management and cyber resilience in financial services  

As the lines between digital and virtual world have blurred with the expansion of digitization, adoption of cloud, and remote work, cybersecurity threat landscape has become more unpredictable and complex. It becomes important for the financial services institutions to identify and address the threats around the clock. The growing number of breaches indicates that organizations have been outmatched in protecting themselves from cyberattacks.     

Dr. Elif Kiesow Cortez, Research Fellow, Stanford University and Dr. Martijn Dekker, CISO, ABN AMRO talked to 12 CISOs/CSOs of leading financial services institutions to understand how they are navigating the complex threat landscape and their actions in realizing their cybersecurity objectives. The discussions were focused on: 

  • Existing and potential cybersecurity threats in financial services sector 

  • Actors in cybersecurity risks and data breaches  

  • Pressing concerns and critical challenges in cybersecurity management 

  • Measures to mitigate cybersecurity risks and achieve cyber resilience  

  • The course of cybersecurity management in the future  

Download the whitepaper to read their responses in detail and get a closer look at their strategies and accomplishments in confronting cybersecurity threats and challenges. It sheds light on reasons for substantial rise in cyber-attack events and the steps taken by the financial services organizations to counter them.    

Download the Whitepaper