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The proliferation of IoT and increasing use cases has made data processing and management at Edge crucial. With Edge computing, the objective is not to supplant cloud computing, but to give it a boost with regards to the network’s computing effectiveness. This paper encapsulates an approach to scaling and implementation of edge solutions, with differing hardware and software setups, the best technologies, and design principles. 

While Edge has been a part of digital transformation conversations for a while now, the paper aims to  provides an approach for implementing and scaling edge solutions. With vendors across hardware, software, each with their proprietary technology solutions to lock their customer in, this paper will serve as a guideline to build large scale technology solution by leveraging the best of breed technologies and design principles. This is targeted at organizations  planning large scale deployments in the IT-OT landscape by following a standardized approach which will help them in future proofing the solutions.
This paper will help you understand the following aspects of Edge:

  • Overview of Edge
  • Need for an evolved approach to Edge
  • Minimizing the complexity at device level
  • Building a flexible software stack for Edge

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