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Decoding Successful IT Automation

Decoding Successful IT Automation

Six Potential Pitfalls That IT Strategists Should Look Out For

Avoid potential missteps on your journey toward efficient and intelligent IT systems.

Automation, along with its many promises, also carries stigmas, preconceptions and misconceptions that are frequently overlooked. As you adopt IT automation, a comprehensive understanding of the pitfalls that lie ahead in your automation journey can mean the difference between success and failure. A robust IT automation strategy is essential.

In this newsletter, with the help of contributions from thought leaders at HCL, Moogsoft and KPMG you will learn about six potential automation pitfalls that IT strategists should avoid, including:

  • Overlooking and understating the human aspects of automation
  • The danger in focusing on tools and tech instead of outcomes

This actionable report also includes additional research entitled, “Six Key Steps to Move IT Process Automation From Basics to Best Practices.”