Driving enterprise business transformation with next-generation data management | HCLTech

In cloud-enabled business transformation initiatives, data emerges as a central theme for organizations that aim to gain sustainable business value. To derive value, it is crucial that data is managed effectively across the organization. However, challenges such as poor resilience management, talent shortage, huge scale of data generated within the organization, data fragmentation, and resulting rise in large attack surfaces lead to more complexities in handling data management processes. 

These challenges point to the need for a next-gen data management platform. By adopting a best-in-class platform and related services, enterprises can realize benefits beyond cost optimization such as operational resilience and improved customer experience. 

This whitepaper explores how enterprises can leverage a next-gen data management platform to tackle data management challenges and drive business transformation, by looking at:

  • Elements of business transformation and the importance of data management
  • Data management challenges faced by enterprises
  • The next-gen data management platform model and related services
  • Benefits offered by a next-gen data management platform
  • Business case analysis that provides an outlook of typical enterprise requirements and outcomes gained by adopting a next-gen data management platform
  • Recommendations for enterprises

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