An Experience Centric View to Creating a Secure, Sustainable and Modern Future Workplace | HCLTech

IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey (December 2021) reveals that almost 45% of global enterprise respondents expect that "remote and hybrid work models will be an embedded part of accepted work practices" going forward.

Uncertainty and disruption have fundamentally altered the way work is done, as well as how enterprises and employees perceive the workplace. Enterprises are compelled to reimagine their employees' workplace experiences, in order to improve satisfaction and increase employee retention. With the rise of remote and hybrid work, end-user corporate devices are frequently the primary interface between the workforce and the workplace.

Download this exclusive whitepaper to discover how enterprises must take an experience-centric approach to workplaces to meet objectives relating to employee experience, workplace security, and environmental sustainability.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Key considerations when designing your experience-centric workplace
  • Understand how security and sustainability plays an essential role in the future of work strategy
  • Key benefits of a Device as a Service Approach
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