Investing in the future of work | HCLTech

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises scrambled resources to enable remote working in their pursuit to retain productivity levels, opting for some quick temporary solutions which had the potential of becoming points of concern for the business and IT leaders. Having established that remote working will continue to play an important role in the times to come, companies are now investing considerable resources in designing and building sustainable and flexible hybrid workplaces.

Moreover, organizations also need to start preparing for the post-pandemic world and formulate a strategy to re-open office spaces to bring back employees to a safe work environment.

We surveyed 123 C-level executives, to understand the specifics of their approach towards creating a holistic productivity enabling hybrid workplace and strategizing an eventual return to the physical offices.

Download this report, to get an insightful view of how employers see both their own, and their employees’, working futures. Learn what role will technology have in creating future working environments, wherever those environments may be?

Key takeaways from this report: 

  • Guide to a hybrid working future: a challenging balance between productivity and safety
  • Importance of investing in change: Improving resiliency and preparing a new future
  • A winning 3-phased plan to get back-to-work safely and securely


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