Re-imagining the service desk for the future of work | HCLTech

The challenges of keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies and the rise of repetitive interactions that consume time and resources are critical to the modern workplace and need to be addressed. These challenges degrade the user experience, drain time and energy, and leave users dissatisfied. At the same time, implementing and maintaining a full-fledged 24x7 multilingual human service desk is costly and resource intensive.

But the benefits of a modern service desk tools are clear. Virtually all US business and IT leaders (98%) polled in PwC’s 2022 AI Business Survey said they have accelerated their use of AI or are planning to increase automation in order to reduce hiring needs.

So, how shall enterprises attempt to redesign the service desk? Download this exclusive whitepaper to discover the six actionable business imperatives for redesigning service desks for the modern user experience.

Key takeaways for CIOs and business decision makers:

  • Adapting IT service management for hybrid work
  • Placing the user experience at the center of the new service desk
  • Fostering a culture change, including embracing social IT
  • Investing in user-centric digital technologies and new key performance indicators
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