Realize the potential of Edge Networks with Nucleus | HCLTech

Enterprise Edge has become one of the most vexing environments for CXOs. Network teams must quickly onboard BYOD users, deploy new digital technology, and prevent cyber-attacks across endpoints while delivering a consistent and personalized user experience. The rise of ‘Digital Economy’ and advanced technologies such as 5G and WiFi6 has unlocked a new frontier for diverse latency requirements for vertical industries, enabling enterprises to relook at their access and edge network. Consequentially, enterprise look for a new and agile campus network– one which enforces policy-based automation from end-user to the edge, eliminates LAN/WLAN sprawl, and doesn’t require trade-offs with security.

This is where HCLTech’s Nucleus, our software defined – access network (SDAN) transformation framework, comes in. Based on vertical-specific use cases and principles of mobile-first, AIOps, security, and cognitive analytics, Nucleus helps prepare enterprises to embrace a digital future orchestrating programmable and agile network infrastructure.

Download the whitepaper to explore how Nucleus allows enterprises to align their networking needs to changing business dynamics and enables CXOs to focus on business enabling tasks rather than just ‘keeping the lights on’. For further information, please reach out to us at

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