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Transition toward Cloud Maturity with FinOps

Transition toward Cloud Maturity with FinOps

Over the past two years, IT has undergone a fundamental and permanent change. The demand for cloud services was initially propelled by the rapid shift to remote working during the pandemic as well as the need to provide digital channels for customer engagement. Enterprises have now embraced cloud as the catalyst for digital transformation, that helps them attain faster innovation and business growth. Hybrid and multi-cloud environments have become the new norm as it is now commonplace for enterprise-class applications spanning the business value chain to run in the cloud. 

However, with growth and scale comes complexity, which impedes what many once saw as the allure of cloud adoption - lower costs. This whitepaper by Avasant explores in detail how FinOps can become the gamechanger in resolving these challenges. It discusses the factors inhibiting cloud optimization, and how organisations can transition toward cloud maturity with FinOps and take their cloud infrastructure to the next level.

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