Continuous Manufacturing in Life Sciences - A Big Leap | HCLTech

“The manufacturing landscape in Life Sciences is changing dramatically, with the technological advances in IIoT sensors to advanced analytical tools it’s possible to analyze the process with greater certainty. Industry is challenging the conventional Batch manufacturing to a newer technology of Continuous manufacturing for increased operational efficiency, quality, and throughput. COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation focus for most of the life sciences and med tech customers globally. However, the shift to Continuous manufacturing needs a lot of deliberation from a compliance and ecosystem standpoint. There are numerous challenges which must be thought through before a complete shift to the new manufacturing paradigm can be attained consistently. Smaller pilot projects are paving the way for this manufacturing technology to take mainstage and yield revolutionary benefits to the Pharma industry.

This whitepaper is intended for Chief Officers and other senior officers along with CIOs and attempts to clarify this new technology along with challenges associated with Continuous manufacturing. It goes on to highlight the role of Industry 4.0 technologies in implementing this new way of manufacturing.”

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