Womenlead Australia FAQ | HCL Technologies


What are the intended objectives and outcomes of this program?

This one of a kind leadership program for Australia is aimed at providing a platform to select few potential women leaders to receive one-on-one mentorship from top business leaders from the industry.

To the Mentees this rare access to senior leaders will assist them in developing the necessary behaviors and awareness required to successfully navigate toward senior positions of leadership. The experience will provide mentees with an insight to the commitment, expectations and focus required to successfully lead organizations/ multiple organizations/ and significant directorates/departments. To the mentors this platform provides them with an opportunity to work with a high-potential emerging leader and develop skills around guidance and coaching, while also associating with a broader cause of transforming corporate Australia into an environment equally supportive of women in leadership.

While this program kicks off a mentoring relationship between each of the pairs in the 13 week duration , we hope for the association between participants to continue by inducting them into a global community of members coming together to bring about a wider change on an issue of national significance.

What was the rationale behind mentor - mentee pairing and method followed?

The mentor mentee pairing is undertaken by the Efficacy Review Committee comprising of senior faculty members as well as counselors from HCL Technologies Ltd. To arrive at the pairing, the committee essentially mapped aspirations and expectations documented by the mentees in the preliminary questionnaire with the mentoring objectives expressed by the fellow mentors. Geographical proximities to ensure ease of interaction and access was also taken care of was also taken into consideration where possible.

What is my obligation as a Mentee on the Women Lead Australia Program?

As a Mentee you have a number of responsibilities in the program:


  1. You must complete the “Mentoring Agreement” with your Mentor’s input which is a formal record of your goals and objectives as well as the session dates and times you commit to participate in together. This document is required within 2 working days of your Mentoring Executive Coaching session.
  2. You must complete the “Mentee Summary” sheet for each of the 5 coaching sessions post each discussion, sending a completed copy to both your Mentor and the Program Convener. This task should be completed within 2 days of your Mentoring session.
  3. You should be willing to participate in final reporting at the end of the program along with photographs and testimonials as a participant.


  1. You must send your Mentor calendar appointments for all 5 sessions at the beginning of the program (excluding the Mentoring Roundtable session with your Executive Coach)
  2. You are required to attend your Mentoring Roundtable session with your Mentor and the Executive Coach as well a 5 x Mentoring sessions by June 14th, 2017. Should you be unable to fulfil all of these session requirements you must advise the Program Convener in writing to discuss how your responsibilities will be negotiated.

Can the program participants receive another opportunity to interact with the Executive Coach?

Throughout the program the participants receive unlimited access to the Executive Coach, Ms. Mary-Anne Kamel at all times for any queries you might have around the subject of mentoring or on your specific role on this partnership.