Get insights from the experiences and outcomes of others when you review this research, "Decoding DevOps Success Improves Business Outcomes" published by IDC in association with Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies.

DevOps can yield massive improvement in application quality, reduce lead times, improve IT and business alignment, and improve customer experience and employee satisfaction. There is also a strong correlation between DevOps success, growth in revenue and profits, and improved customer experience.

  • What are the characteristics that distinguish leading organizations from those striving to generate initial results; and those facing mid-journey setbacks along the DevOps journey?
  • What are the capabilities, technical areas, and objectives on which organizations at different levels of DevOps proficiency focus?
  • What direct and indirect benefits do organizations achieve along the way?

HCL sought answers to these and many other questions to help organizations learn faster and achieve greater results in this exclusive research conducted by IDC.

Data and learnings from your DevOps peers and experts

This IDC whitepaper produced in association with Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies provides insights across the many aspects of DevOps. Learn the characteristics of organizations that are highly accomplished in DevOps, their priorities and practices and, the benefits they achieved.

Data provides insights to compare these leaders with organizations striving for early successes and the vast majority who have begun the DevOps journey and are pursuing ever greater value.


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Sample Findings


Business outcome from DevOps: Improved customer experience followed closely by revenue.



Of DevOps leaders report DevOps drives high or extremely high business value.



Of business executives value DevOps highly: 4 or 5 out of 5. Higher than IT leaders.



Of organizations less proficient in DevOps saw lead times improve 21-40%.



Of DevOps leaders release updates daily or faster.


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As confessed data hounds, we dove into the thousand rows of pivot tables with detailed segmentation across organizations, grouped by leaders, drivers and adopters; by industry and other dimensions. Every slice of the data provides actionable, often counter-intuitive insights.

If you are interested in learning more, join us for a one-on-one conversation on any of the many DevOps topics covered. We will share portions of the data and insights from our HCL teams and IDC Research based on your areas of interest.

DevOps Webinar with IDC

Hear Jim Mercer, Research Director, DevOps Solution practice with IDC ― joined by HCL DevOps experts, present top findings from this survey which provides insights from – and for organizations at all levels of DevOps proficiency seeking to generate greater value from DevOps.

About the Survey

HCL is a strong proponent of DevOps with coverage across the full software delivery pipeline from ideation through release, operations and monitoring, Agile and automation, CI/CD, testing and service virtualization and value stream management. The whitepaper provides insights for both IT and business stakeholders.

  • Spans organizations actively pursuing DevOps: all levels of DevOps maturity of all sizes and across industries
  • Topics covered includes benefits achieved, capabilities, challenges and technologies
  • Responses segmented level of DevOps maturity: leader, adopter, driver
  • Conducted November 2020.

Sample Questions

To Clarify Benefits

  • What are the primary benefits and business value achieved as a result of DevOps?
  • What unanticipated benefits have you garnered from DevOps?
  • To what extent has DevOps helped continuous learning, cross-team collaboration and partnership between IT and business?

To Reveal Challenges

  • What are your top DevOps investment priorities for the next 2-4 years?
  • How do your business executives and senior managers perceive the value of DevOps?
  • What challenges have you faced with DevOps adoption? What actions did you take to address those challenges?
  • Do priorities for training and reskilling differ between leading organizations and others?

To Quantify Outcomes

  • Rate the attributes of a DevOps platform your organization views as most important.
  • To what degree has DevOps helped improve software quality and reduce time required for software delivery?
  • Which DevOps capabilities contributed the most value so far for your organization?

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