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Step into the future with HCLTech AI Force, a dynamic suite of GenAI-powered solutions designed to inject intelligence into every facet of software and engineering workflows. From software development to support and maintenance, our AI-driven approach reshapes processes for maximum efficiency. Prioritizing responsible AI adoption, HCLTech AI Force integrates robust security and governance measures, fostering secure innovation and growth at scale.

Why HCLTech

Unleashing the Powerof Generative AI with HCLTech

We help organizations identify AI opportunities, develop strategies and create roadmaps for implementing AI solutions. We remain ahead of evoling and emerging technology cycles to ensure that our clients make the right business choices at the right time.

Our full-stack engineering expertise and decades of AI experience give us the capability to unlock the best value from GenAI for our clients, from chip development to cloud and business process optimization. Our approach to GenAI remains grounded to what's practically possible while focusing on secure and responsible deployment.

Across 15 Countries

Across 15 countries

Operating in 15 countries to cater to Microsoft's diverse needs

3rd Largest Partner Globally

3rd largest partner globally

Partnering with the 3rd largest global Microsoft partner for M365 and D365

10+ Dedicated Labs

10+ Dedicated Labs

Accessing over 10 dedicated Microsoft labs and facilities to drive innovation

Impressive CSAT Score

Impressive CSAT Score

Consistently achieving an impressive CSAT survey score of 93.5/100


AI Force isn't just a platform; it's a full-stack solution tailored to meet your unique business requirements in transforming your various business functions. Leveraging our GenAI models, tools and technologies, we help you modernize and redefine the workplace landscape, paving the way for a more efficient future.

AI Force Dev

Elevating product development efficiency through intelligent engineering to enhance product experience and drive seamless development.

AI Force Test

Redefine preventive quality assurance by seamlessly automating testing procedures, pinpointing defects, tracking progress and optimizing testing cycles to bolster the reliability and security of your applications.

AI Force Data

Revolutionizes your data analysis journey with intuitive visualization tools to uncover actionable insights effortlessly and accelerate informed decision-making.

AI Force Support

Leveraging proactive care to swiftly resolve incidents and provide tailored solutions, ensuring smoother operations and improved satisfaction for our clients.

AI Force Accessibility

Our inclusive designs ensure every user can engage with your product effortlessly by seamlessly integrating accessibility features and adhering to industry standards.

Our Partnerships

HCLTech advises, curates and orchestrates technologies from market-leading partners and innovators. Together, we provide scalable, fully integrated generative AI solutions that deliver next-level results.

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Case Studies

Analyst Recognitions

HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Everest Group’s Software Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

HCLTech ranked as No. 1 Engineering Services Provider by Everest Group


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