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Aerospace & Defense

Case Studies

HCL helps in Technology Transformation through Portfolio Optimization for a leading international airline
HCL helps in Technology Transformation through Portfolio Optimization for a leading international airline

HCL helps in Technology Transformation through Portfolio Optimization for a leading international airline



What keeps you up at night?

Aerospace & Defense

Did you know that the annual production levels for commercial aircrafts in this decade is forecasted to shoot up by 25% in 2023? What are the other global forecasts of Aerospace & Defense during this decade? What are the industry’s upcoming trends? Know all about it and more on what HCL does in this space, through this infographic on Aerospace & Defense.

Despite an upsurge in demand for air travel, airlines are having trouble maintaining profitability. They must provide passengers with the right experience at the right price point while ensuring higher utilization of capital-intensive equipment. Technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in addressing these objectives for the Aerospace and Defense sector.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • Deep insight.Our work with companies across the aerospace and defense industry value chain (our customers include the top three aerospace OEMs and global industrial manufacturing companies) has given us deep insight into some of the largest and most complex programs in the industry, which enables us to help manage our customers’ cost pressures. Our risk/reward-sharing business model reduces the risk of product development for new aircraft programs and helps clients address their IT challenges across application, infrastructure, and business processes.
  • A wealth of experience.Having pioneered offshore engineering services for aerospace and defense companies more than a decade ago, we have become the largest dedicated aerospace practice in India and the preferred engineering partner for new aircraft programs across this ecosystem, offering application management services, infrastructure support, testing, and new-product development. In the past decade, we’ve successfully executed over 850 projects in various subdomains and have partnered on all major commercial aerospace programs.
  • Quality and compliance. HCL’s aerospace and defense business unit meets the most stringent quality and security standards, including ISO 27001, AS 9100 Rev C, and CMMI Level 5, and is compliant with DO 178B, DO 178C, DO160E, and DO 254 requirements. Additionally, HCL is the first Indian company to have obtained AS9100 certification. HCL also has significant experience in providing International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) services to U.S. aerospace defense vendors from ITAR-compliant HCL delivery centers.
  • Comprehensive IT solutions. For over thirty years, HCL has been providing IT solutions across application managed services, application testing, CRM, aftermarket services, infrastructure management, business process outsourcing, and product life cycle solutions. Our “ALT ASM” solutions have helped clients reduce their IT costs by over 30% and have helped ensure a seamless and transparent model that links service level agreements to business-level KPIs.
  • Enterprise application services. HCL’s acquisition of AXON combined the best of AXON’s strong business consulting and implementation capabilities and HCL’s robust global delivery-based application and infrastructure management capabilities. We deliver unique value on an end-to-end basis for SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft customers, ensuring that they receive the optimal business transformation solution at the right price.
  • Richer mobility experience. HCL’s mobility solutions enable organizations to become highly productive and customer centric by making information available at the right time to the right person – all through a simple click. HCL’s Mobility CoE offerings include mobile application development, enterprise mobile offerings, system integration services, and managed services. Key current partnerships include Sybase and RIM. HCL is investing in this space with initiatives such as the Network Solution Lab, a dedicated mobility center in Singapore, and through alliances with several universities.

How can HCL help you?

  • Avionics: Over 7,000 person years of experience in avionics — specific programming languages, methodologies, tools, operating systems, compilers, and standards
  • Engineering Design: Developing solutions throughout the product development life cycle, thereby providing the R&D impact from a single vendor
  • Defense, Space, and Security: Extensive experience from working with global enterprises on major military aircraft programs
  • IT Applications: An ALT ASM model that links business-level KPIs to IT SLAs and helps deliver value across ASM pillars like governance, transparency, and year-on-year productivity
  • Manufacturing: Low-volume manufacturing, prototype manufacturing, sheet metal, environment testing, and final product testing

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HCL's Enterprise Asset Management Toolbox
HCL's Enterprise Asset Management Toolbox
HCL In Aerospace & Defense
HCL In Aerospace & Defense
Engineering and R&D Services (Aerospace)
Engineering and R&D Services (Aerospace)

Case Studies

HCL Predictive Maintenance Analytics solution
HCL Predictive Maintenance Analytics solution helps a world-class manufacturer of...
HCL helps in Technology Transformation through Portfolio Optimization for a leading international airline
HCL helps in Technology Transformation through Portfolio Optimization for a leading...
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What Customers Say

"Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome of the project and with HCL's efforts. HCL consistently demonstrated its professionalism and software development expertise during the development of the security implementation. All schedule milestones were met, and all delivered artifacts were of very high quality. Thanks again for a job well done!"

- Leading aerospace company

"……. The HCL team did a great job for us and approached every problem with a great "how can I help more" attitude. It was wonderful having them here. I learned a great deal from the team and am glad that things worked out well.………… We would not have finished in time without their help. I look forward to working more with HCL in the future."

- A world-class provider of aviation electronic and communication solutions for Aerospace Industry