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IT Services by HCL in Japan

HCL In IT Services by HCL in Japan

Economically, Japan is one of the most highly developed nations in the world, and its brands are famous across the globe. But globalization has increased competition, forcing Japanese companies to change their modus operandi. For CTOs, this has meant embracing new business models that not only help in cost optimization but also facilitate product innovation and decrease time to market. For CIOs, quick rollout and global IT management top the agenda.

For nearly two decades, HCL has helped Japanese companies modernize their legacy systems, optimize costs, improve their business processes, and transform their businesses to be competitive in the global market. Today HCL is one of the largest technology companies from India operating in Japan and serves some of the country’s most respected corporations, including NEC, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, and Cisco Japan, among others. (Visit for more information).

Several technical and non-technical principles at the core of HCL have contributed to the success of these engagements: 

Quick Facts

  • Operating in Japan since two decades, HCL has become one of the largest technology companies in the region
  • HCL’s APAC Customer Advisory Council helps us align solutions with local market requirements; provides  an exceptional platform for clients and their industry peers to exchange ideas and best practices
  • HCL’s Japan Business Unit (JBU), based in India, oversees delivery operations in Japan;  also trains HCL engineers through cultural sensitization programs
  • Strong team of bilingual HCL engineers and Japanese language experts working out of customer locations across Japan
  • Japanese companies leverage HCL's product localization services to tailor their products to cater to foreign markets / re-design products to sell in emerging markets at optimized cost.
  •  HCL was honored with the Japan Management Association (JMA) HRD Special Award in 2010 for its “Employees First” management philosophy
  • Digital Systems Integration (DSI™): HCL’s DSI services are an answer to a modern corporation’s dilemma in effectively transforming itself from a legacy driven traditional organization to a digitalized corporation. Our DSI services enable traditional organizations compete against “born digital” competitors through a strategy called reborn digital™, which analyzes and connects the organization’s legacy systems, assesses its readiness for the digital age, and addresses the challenges through solutions that create a complete digital enterprise.

  • ALT ASM™: HCL’s ALT ASM™, which dwells on the concept of Proactive Obsolescence, is creating a paradigm shift in applications outsourcing. While other IT Vendors are motivated to keep growing their ASM engagement, we proactively try to eradicate it. By focusing on this cut down of wastes in an ASM engagement, we work towards achieving the ‘ZERO Incident’ status for many of our customers, allowing CIOs to strategically benefit from their ASM offshoring engagement.

  • Employees First: Our unique management philosophy, based on trust and transparency, empowers frontline employees to create value for customers every day. This thinking — described in the best-selling book Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down (Harvard Business Press, 2010) by former CEO Vineet Nayar — has created a distinctive culture of employee-driven innovation. We call it ideapreneurship, and it is yielding excellent business outcomes for both HCL and our customers.

  • A Relationship Beyond the Contract: Technology is constantly changing, often making even the best contracts appear outdated or ill-conceived. That’s why at HCL we focus on developing relationships beyond the contract — not just by optimizing costs or enhancing efficiency but by thinking well into the future on behalf of our customers.  Our alternative propositions such as ALT ASMEnterprise of the FutureDigital Systems IntegrationEnterprise Functions as a Service, Innovation Monetization, and zCMO ensure that we deliver “relevant” business value in real-time, despite the changing times.

Since entering Japan, HCL has been widely recognized for its commitment to addressing the country’s business and societal goals:

  • HCL’s APAC Customer Advisory Council:  This group helps HCL align solutions with local market requirements and serves as an exceptional platform for HCL clients and their industry peers to exchange ideas and best practices. The Council has been recognized through several awards — including the Forrester Groundswell Award in the B2B category — for the trust it fosters between HCL and its customers.

  • Excellence in customer service: HCL engages each customer, imbibing the culture and characteristics of its organization and industry. With a history of building unique partnerships — co-sourcing models, strategic alliances, and joint ventures — to make each relationship yield superior business value, HCL strives to understand the core needs of the Japanese market and works with partners to deliver innovative IT-enabled business solutions. Our Japan Business Unit (JBU), based in India, oversees delivery operations in Japan, plays a pivotal role in program management, and trains HCL engineers through cultural sensitization programs. Today, HCL has a strong team of bilingual engineers and Japanese language experts working out of customer locations across Japan.

  • Accelerating market growth: HCL’s primary objective has been to drive a global growth strategy for Japan. Our product localization services help Japanese companies tailor their products to the requirements of foreign markets, and our value engineering and re-engineering services help them redesign their products to cater to emerging markets at a lower cost. HCL understands the nuances of business practices in Japan and leverages its global consulting and delivery capabilities to provide a unified governance framework to Japanese companies, helping them get their products to market faster.

  • Understanding local businesses: HCL has a deep understanding of the business processes and practices of Japanese companies—90% of our clients in Japan are oriented to the domestic market. HCL is also investing in nurturing local talent by hiring Japanese consultants, and sales and pre-sales personnel, as well as accepting interns from prominent local graduate schools.

  • Fostering good management practices in Japan: HCL Japan was honored with the Japan Management Association (JMA) HRD Special Award in 2010 for its “Employes First” management

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