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Join the start-up revolution in one of the world’s largest ideapreneurships.
HCL Technologies welcomes you to its vibrant entrepreneurial culture that is driven by empowered ideapreneurs.

At HCLT, we believe in enabling our employees to fully leverage their ideas and give free reign to their entrepreneurial capabilities. We call these idea entrepreneurs ideapreneurs. HCLT thrives on this ‘ideapreneurial’ spirit that is fuelled by the Employees First leadership model. Our unconventional management model puts every Ideapreneur in a unique position and gives them the license to ideate, create, and execute ideas—whether they be big or small—that add value to the work we do for internal and external customers, both. It also gives them a sense of satisfaction. This is why even with 85000 Ideapreneurs across the world, we are still a start-up at heart.
We are looking for people who possess the same start-up gene; people who can lead with ideas. If you think you have it in you, come aboard one of the world’s largest ideapreneurships.
Now is the best time to start-up.

When faced with one of the toughest recessions in recent history, HCL Technologies turned its organization upside down and became one of the fastest growing companies in the world. At HCL, we call this movement Employees First -- and we believe that it is the only path to strong, sustainable growth in these turbulent times.

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