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HCL in China

HCL In HCL in China

Forward-looking companies in China understand the critical value that IT can deliver and the business innovation opportunities that new and emerging technologies can present. Seizing those opportunities requires effective collaboration techniques and a strong IT partner. HCL has the expertise to help companies in China expand their business, transform their operations, and differentiate themselves in crowded markets.

HCL - a prominent name amongst IT service providers in China, has been creating value for several global enterprises in China, such as Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Freescale, Brocade, and Lilly, to name a few. Several principles at the core of HCL have contributed to the success of these engagements:

Quick Facts

  • Operating in Greater China for more than 15 years
  • Headquartered in Shanghai with a delivery center in Kunshan — employing more than 200 professionals, 92% of whom are Chinese
  • Offering global coverage and near-shore flexibility to more than 40 customers in China
  • Bringing differentiated value to China-oriented business activities through Centers of Excellence that support multiple local languages in the region
  • Employees First, Relationship Beyond the Contract, and Global Delivery, Local Center of Gravity are some of the core principles contributing to the success of these engagements
  • HCL’s APAC Customer Advisory Council helps us align solutions with local market requirements; provides   an exceptional platform for clients and their industry peers to exchange ideas and best practices
  • Employees First: Our unique management philosophy, based on trust and transparency, empowers frontline employees to create value for customers every day. This thinking — described in the best-selling book Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down (Harvard Business Press, 2010) by former CEO Vineet Nayar — has created a distinctive culture of employee-driven innovation. We call it ideapreneurship, and it is yielding excellent business outcomes for both HCL and our customers.
  • A Relationship Beyond the Contract: Technology is constantly changing, often making even the best contracts appear outdated or ill-conceived. That’s why at HCL we focus on developing relationships beyond the contract — not just by optimizing costs or enhancing efficiency but by thinking well into the future on behalf of our customers.  Alt-ASM — our alternative approach to managing applications — and Enterprise Function as a Service (EFaaS) — our integrated end-to-end proposition for IT and business services across business functions — are just two of several initiatives in this direction.

  • Global Delivery, Local Center of Gravity: “Think global, act local” drives our strategy for serving customers and partners in every region. Through global/local Centers of Excellence, the creation of talent pools in local markets, and the cultivation of an ecosystem of local and global partners for pioneering new propositions and delivery frameworks, HCL provides value to customers well beyond cost optimization.

HCL has been serving the Greater China market for more than 15 years and is widely recognized for its commitment to addressing both business and societal issues in China:

  • HCL’s APAC Customer Advisory Council: This group helps HCL align solutions with local market requirements and serves as an exceptional platform for HCL clients and their industry peers to exchange ideas and best practices. The Council has been recognized through several awards — including the Forrester Groundswell Award in the B2B category — for the trust it fosters between HCL and its customers.

  • Legacy of local experience: Over the past 15 years, HCL has accumulated a deep understanding of Chinese business processes and practices. As a result, we have been able to help Chinese companies gain an edge through business transformations and improved competitiveness.

  • Commitment to local job creation: HCL actively works to address the challenges of the communities and economies in which it operates. HCL China is an integral part of our global delivery network, which offers global coverage and near-shore flexibility to more than 40 customers. With headquarters in Shanghai and a delivery center in Kunshan, HCL employs nearly 200 professionals, 92% of whom are Chinese.

  • Dedication to local businesses: HCL’s global collaboration model is designed to recognize the distinctive sociocultural factors of each region in which HCL operates. We offer differentiated services to business enterprises in China through Centers of Excellence that provide support in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai. Native Chinese employees help upgrade capabilities and bring value to China-oriented business activities, client interactions, and events, while regional teams provide full support, sharing successful experiences across regions.

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HCL Office in China

HCL Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd
5th Floor, Building 23, 498, Guoshoujing Road, PuDong New Area,
Phone: (+86) 21 5080-5106
Fax: (+86) 21 5080-5776
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