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Life Sciences and Healthcare


About Us

"Patient centricity" is driving the life sciences and healthcare industry, leading to an enhanced collaboration amongst life sciences companies, healthcare IT service providers, and payer organizations. The entire healthcare ecosystem is striving to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by adopting technological advances such as Big Data, cloud, mobility, social media, predictive analytics and digitalization, which are leading to simplified operating environments despite the constantly changing regulatory ecosystem. The IT imperative, therefore, is to transition from a "low cost" leader to a valuable "business partner", and redefining the CIO's role as that of a strategic business partner.

Industries we serve


Why Should You Consider HCL?

  • Comprehensive industry experience. Seven of the top ten global biopharmaceutical companies, seven of the top ten medical devices companies, six of the top ten health plans, three of the top five CROs, two of the top three data providers, six of the top ten health insurers, one of the top three diagnostics conglomerates, one of the largest payer conglomerates in the US, and the top five service providers in the UK (for life and pensions) are just some of the clients who have depended on us for nearly a decade to help develop affordable, value-based technology solutions.

  • A broad footprint. Through our roster of experts, we offer services and solutions in the critical areas of population health management, healthcare analytics, patient support programs, member experience management, mHealth, fraud, waste and abuse management, ICD-10 transformation, drug discovery and development, clinical development, regulatory compliance, drug safety, pharmacovigilance, manufacturing and plant automation, and sales and marketing. HCL's customers also benefit from our regulatory center of excellence, a healthcare competency center (headed by industry experts, including PAHM, HIPAA, PMP, and RAC certified professionals), and delivery teams supported by doctors, PhDs, and scientific researchers.

  • Valuable partnerships. Our Co-Innovation Lab, recently established in Singapore with a large global pharmaceutical firm, develops new technologies supporting global operations.

  • Digital System Integration (DSI™). Through our systems integration approach to digitalization, we enable technology-led business process transformation for our clients. We help them be "reborn digitally" by transforming their application landscapes to a future ready infrastructure with a single view of data across the enterprise.

  • HCL's ALT ASM™ Framework for the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector. Maintaining your existing IT systems even while investing in new solutions can be quite challenging, requiring well planned processes. Our ALT ASM™ framework – our alternative view on ASM - has been instrumental in substantially reducing customers' cost of operations by up to 30%, and increasing their productivity. The framework adopts what we call - a "proactive obsolescence" approach - which provides incremental value beyond the traditional ASM contract and unlocks a large amount of working capital from our clients' ASM spend. This unlocked capital can then be re-invested in newer patient care technologies in healthcare and the necessary migration from legacy applications. Our ALT ASM™ is helping organizations achieve their target of maximizing revenues and minimizing spends.

How can HCL help

HCL provides a wide range of IT solutions across all market segments to LifeSciences and Healthcare companies across the globe:

Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

An end-to-end Unified Drug Development Cloud-based Platform, Commercial Data Analytics.

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Medical Devices

Patient support programs to improve care and outcomes; field sales and marketing enablement through digital and mobile.

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Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

Integrating IT and business services together to provide revenue enhancement opportunities for CRO partners, selling to/selling with them to the pharma industry

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Helping payers meet tough regulatory compliance, increase customer intimacy, and build trust in the marketplace

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HCL’s Active Care Excellence (ACE™) solution suite can help healthcare enterprises develop, operationalize, and manage their quality initiatives.

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Life Sciences and Healthcare
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

What Customers Say

What Customers Say