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Investigative Services Information System (ISIS), Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR)

Published Date: 
Nov 05, 2010

ISIS is an integrated solution designed to track and investigate Public assistance, Child care provider and EBT fraud through a robust and scalable Web-based Case tracking system. Internal investigations related to possible misconduct of employees/contractors of any DHR division/agency are executed at the request of the division director. Investigations not only serve to protect the integrity of the organization, but also to recoup large amounts of money that are returned to the state.

Articles in Georgia Technology other magazines in State of Georgia have rated ISIS as one of the best systems that the State has executed/implemented. Technology agencies have interviewed Ms. Judy Bullard (ISIS Project Manager) where she has mentioned the achievement and benefits from ISIS.


What You Need to Know

GTA's purpose is to deliver secure, reliable technology services and solutions, and provide guidance and oversight that lead to sound decisions for Georgia government. The new web application consists of a combination of investigation workflows, reports, and interfaces all designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of Investigative Services. The system runs within the State's existing Web architecture and integrates within the Department's intranet portal. Information captured and stored within the database is customizable, robust, and most importantly, secure.

Case Study

DHR implemented more than 100 programs to ensure health and welfare of the Georgians. These include programs that control the spread of disease, enable older people to live at home longer, prevent children from developing lifelong disabilities; train single parents to find and hold jobs, and help people with mental or physical disabilities live and work in their communities.

Office of Investigative Services (OIS) is a mobile agency with twelve regional offices. Its primary function is to investigate fraud in public assistance programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF; formerly AFDC), Food Stamps and childcare. The agency also investigates suspected employee misconduct and misuse of funds within DHR and by anyone contracted to DHR at the request of the division director.

Business Challenges

Millions of dollars in public assistance funds are distributed in Georgia in the form of food stamps, TANF, and Childcare assistance. In many instances a client fails to report their true circumstances at the point of application, or fails to report a change in their circumstances during the certification period. This failure of report results in inappropriate overpayments to the clients. Misappropriations also occur when a client sold their food stamp benefits for cash. There was no procedure to maintain an accurate record of all pending and completed investigations of such frauds.

There were guidelines established by Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) for the collection and assessment of food stamp fraud investigation. This served to collect all pertinent information in other public assistance investigations, i.e., childcare, EBT trafficking, etc. The existing computer system failed to meet the demands of the organization. The investigators used U.S mail to process cases, and for each inquiry, a phone call or a transmittal request had to be submitted. Due to existence of such time consuming and manual intervention in each phase of the case life cycle the overall investigation process was hampered.


The objective of ISIS was to obtain a solution, which can meet and exceed GTA's and DHR's requirements to establish a statewide investigative case tracking system.

Listed below were the objectives of ISIS:

  • Provide accurate data on a federal/state/regional level
  • Ability to meet federal reporting requirements
  • Shorten case processing time
  • Provide online data access for mobile workforce
  • Ability to track all types of investigations
  • Flexibility to add new programs and codes
  • Ability to cross reference previous referrals
  • Ability to track number of previous disqualifications
  • Enforce code validation rules by program
  • Ability to track all federally mandated referral/claim disposition timeframes
  • Ability to produce customized Ad-hoc reports
  • Ability to develop fraud prone profiles to aid in the detection of public assistance fraud
  • Interface with other information systems within the state
  • Maintain and increase OIS production
  • Maintain and increase program revenue
  • Provide a system that can be maintained by the vendor or DHR staff
  • Provide the ability to receive online referrals
  • Allow Investigators to efficiently schedule all tasks related to an investigation
  • Assist Investigators with issuing notices to clients

System Architecture and Process Flow

The diagram below shows the system architecture:


The following depicts the flow chart:



HCL implemented the Web-based case tracking solution that meets the specific requirements of the Office of Investigative Services (OIS).

HCL's solution was based on its proprietary case management framework. This framework had been developed over the past four years and refined with three very large and successful state government implementations. The software framework was designed and developed by HCL, is built upon the industry standard J2EE technology and uses BizFlow, an open workflow middleware solution from HandySoft.

HCL approach allowed the best approach to an open-architecture that allowed the integration with the various external systems. The approach also consisted of a very robust business process engine that assisted in monitoring and reporting all processes within the case tracking system to ensure efficient and successful outcomes. By adopting multi-tier architecture, HCL's product allows for scalability, reusability, and security.

HCL's solution utilized BizFlow, an enterprise-class business process management environment that contains a powerful process engine, reporting tools, configurable user interface, electronic forms, process modeling, enterprise ready security and extensive integration capabilities into the GTA's Enterprise Portal Architecture as well as other systems.

The application runs within the State's existing Web architecture and integrated within the Department's intranet portal.

The ISIS application was designed, developed and implemented using state-of-the-art Oracle database technologies, including products such as Sun ONE Application Server, HandySoft workflow engine and Oracle 9i Database. HCL worked very closely with HandySoft, the workflow middleware provider, to ensure that the integration of software components meets the needs of the project.

Administrative tools were provided to manage the investigation workflows, user access, data security, and other aspects of the solution. Users, process owners, and system administrators were trained in the use, support, and enhancement of the application so that once the implementation and warranty is complete; the need for HCL's support services will be minimal.

The Solution covers the following Functional Features:

  • Processes Complaints (Inclusive of Hotline referral transcriptions) to Investigation, Adjudication and Recouping of monies and Issuance of Civil Fines.
  • Income Calculator determines the overpayment/ over-issuance of Public Assistance funds. The budget and income calculations are performed through this calculator.
  • EBT Fraudulent Data Miner is one of the unique functionality for mining all the fraudulent transaction from gigs to Citibank transactions. This has built-in business logic.

Project implementation was done in four phases namely:

  • Phase 1: Installing and Establishing ISIS
  • Phase 2: Evaluating Current State
  • Phase 3: Enhancing ISIS
  • Phase 4: Deploying the Complete Solution

HCL provided one year of warranty support for the application.


Software Hardware Server
Java, BEA-Web Logic 7.0 with SP2 HP Compaq ML530 Application Server
Oracle 9i Release 2 Ver., Windows 2000 HP Compaq DL760 Database Server
BizFlow 8.7 for Windows 2000 HP Compaq ML530 BizFlow Server


The result of new ISIS was fewer phone calls and reduced paperwork. Both investigators and Electronic Data Processing personnel found more time to identify and aggressively pursue fraudulent overpayments, “trafficking”, and abuses of state programs. Another significant result of the new application was increased volume of fraud identification(s).

Acronym Key

HCL HCL Technologies (MASS.), Inc.
DHR Department of Human Resources
FNS Food and Nutrition Service
GTA Georgia Technology Authority
ISIS Investigative Services Information System
OIS Office of Investigative Services
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


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