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Message From Our Leader

Message From Our Leader:Vijay Guntur

We’ve grown significantly year on year, the last quarter we’ve delivered 23% growth and in the quarter before that, 17%. A significant part of this growth, the driver is the digital engineering spend. And overall, we expect the market access is of equal importance and the capabilities in the digital engineering is important as well to drive future growth.”

Vijay Guntur President, Engineering and R&D Services
Vijay Guntur

Why HCLTech?

At HCLTech, you’ll supercharge your potential. You’ll find your career. And you’ll find your spark. All at a place that knows that helping its customers stay on top starts by putting its people first. We offer:

Career opportunities on your terms

Career opportunities on your terms

Enriching job experiences

Enriching job experiences

An employment that you can trust in

An employment that you can trust in

A diverse, international culture that values your whole self

A diverse, international culture that values your whole self

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Why an Engineering Services career with HCLTech?

HCLTech’s Engineering and R&D services offer you career pathways that combine the technological depth and solution-driven approach to empower digitally powered enterprises. We are built on four decades of leadership in engineering services and are ranked as #1 engineering services provider by the Everest Group. With 100+ engineering labs across the world and 2000+ patents, we are driving innovation for 350+ enterprises for their engineering and R&D programs.

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Every voice matters at HCLTech. Let’s listen to some of them.

Uttara HCLTech India
Praveen and Manjunath
Praveen and Manjunath
Praveen and Manjunath HCLTech India
Mona Jain

As a female engineer who graduated in 1998, I was fortunate enough to pursue my passion for STEM, even though it was considered a far-fetched dream for many women. Fast forward to today, I am privileged to lead the engineering services division, overseeing a team of over a thousand individuals, and collaborating with clients from all corners of the world.

Mona Jain Global Technology Director, ERS HCLTech

How We Hire

Putting people first begins the moment we meet. Tell us about your skills and aspirations. Explore job opportunities that speak to your journey.

Our career section enables you to apply for the desired job. Submit your resume with a complete list of credentials and provide detailed information about your experience in the position.
A recruiter/technical panel will screen your application. We will contact you for further details if your credentials match our requirements.
The technical interview is a golden opportunity for you to exhibit your technical skills. The questions range across disciplines and may include out-of-the-box questions, puzzles and problems.
Here's our chance to know each other better. We try to understand your career goals, skills, strenghts, passion and more. You can quiz the recruiter about anything you'd like to know about the position or HCLTech as an organization.
Finally, if you are successful, an offer is rolled out along with compensation structure and other rules related to employment at HCLTech

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