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Travel Transportation & Logistics

What keeps you up at night?

It’s not easy to manage multinational logistics or meet just-in-time, multimodal delivery mandates, but that’s exactly what it takes to gain competitive advantage. Travel, transportation, and logistics (TTL) businesses are suffering from inflating costs and diminishing profit margins, but they face an imperative to keep up with emerging technologies and revamp their IT portfolios to enhance the customer experience, transform front- and back-office processes, and provide a seamless interface across the value chain.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • Extensive industry experience. HCL has extensive experience across industry segments including Travel and Hospitality (OTAs, tour operators, hotels, and restaurants); Transportation (airlines, car rentals, bus operators and rail transit systems); and Logistics (3PLs, freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution, customs brokerage, trucking, fleet management, shipping, railroads, mail and parcel).
  • Industry Leadership. Eight of the top 15 logistics service providers, seven of the top 12 airlines, nine of the top 15 railroads, two of the top 5 hotels and five national mail companies trust HCL for their IT and business transformation
  • Process-driven approach. We utilize domain-led business process repositories, and provide tools and framework led IT and business transformation through dedicated centers of excellence for logistics and airlines
  • Array of pricing models. We provideflexible pricing options including T&M, fixed price, risk-reward sharing, and outcome-based pricing
  • Flexibility and scalability. We provide a collaborative approach to outsourcing in which the customer retains control over all strategic aspects of IT while leveraging HCL’s capabilities for operational execution and excellence
  • Continued investments. We have over 25 industry-led solutions and frameworks, dedicated customer academies, and centers of excellence delivering domain capability and customer value
  • Valuable partnerships. With key industry players including JDA, Red Prairie, Infor, eBiznet, Daon, Avfinity, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, TIBCO, CA, and EMC amongst others. Proven ability to partner with clients and ISVs to develop industry solutions and platforms.
  • Guaranteed value creation. We provide a structured, measurable approach to value creation, and ensure committed, quantified returns on annual contract value
  • Industry recognized. HCL is widely recognized by independent industry analysts including Gartner, IDC and Information week

How can HCL help you?

Through an array of enterprise-wide services across micro verticals:

  • Enterprise services - Integrated business process led services across applications (consulting, implementation, development, testing, support, and maintenance), infrastructure management, and business process outsourcing
  • Transformational services - Legacy modernization, SOA, merger and acquisition integration, application portfolio optimization, EDI integration, business process reengineering, master data management, DWBI, complex event processing, web and mobility enablement, cloud consulting and adoption, integrated operations platform, social analytics, RFID-led track and trace, and core systems standardization

The Solutions section provides more details about our offerings. Contact us to make a conversation with HCL

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What Customers Say

"HCL has built a solid reputation of providing industry-leading IT application and infrastructure services. Given their commitment to the transportation and logistics industry, willingness to invest in our success, and unwavering commitment to excellence, HCL was the right choice"
- Senior Vice President and CIO, a leading 3PL company

“I know we asked the HCL team to do this extra work which was not part of any official project or SOW and you just got it done for us.. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this kind of gesture.. you could have pushed back and said ‘we are too busy with other things’ or got into a cost discussion (which would not have been unreasonable as it is extra work) but you did not, and also made several revisions at my request,  to ensure the new menu views are perfect..  so hat’s off to you for accommodating this, in the midst of trying to keep to all the other deadlines.. Its all hugely appreciated and simply once more, reconfirms why HCL is such a great team to work with.. HCL just continues to surpass customer expectations.. the work they are doing right now is phenomenal”
- Vice President, Revenue Management, leading hospitality chain