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Smart integrated operations

Smart Integrated Operations (SIO), by IoT WoRKSTM, provides customers hassle-free and reliable operations at scale for managing diverse IT operations, AI ops, devices, field businesses, and network needs of enterprises by delivering cost efficiency in the context of IoT solutions deployed in the customers’ environment. Its proactive approach, driven by end-to-end real-time visibility eliminates inefficiencies by leveraging people, processes, and technology to bridge the skill gap through IT/OT convergence. The SIO is a rapidly scalable solution, which can manage millions of endpoints and helps manufacturers unlock new revenues around smart, connected products by utilizing digitization to engage customers and drive seamless user experience.

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Connected products and plants

How can SIO help Aftermarkets?

Extending a complete array of aftermarkets services, unlocking increasing value, and delivering powerful service outcomes around connected products are critical for OEMs as they focus on delivering productivity and uptimes-based SLA to the customers, since:

  • Customers are shifting from CAPEX to OPEX-driven business models built around connected products and aftermarket services
  • IoT-led product performance insights are becoming real-time – resulting in increased customer expectations
  • Improving reliability and visibility into end-to-end aftermarket operations is now critical

SIO for Aftermarkets

The SIO for Aftermarkets, by IoT WoRKSTM, ensures seamless and reliable operations at scale around the customers’ connected products—driving powerful service outcomes and reimagining end-user experience. The SIO successfully monitors and manages IoT-led product integration and support operations, consistently delivering Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptimes, releasing bandwidth for manufacturers to focus on smart product innovation, and unlocking new revenue generation opportunities. Aftermarket services also enable Original Equipment Machines (OEMs) to eliminate downtimes in smart assets through predictive and prescriptive insights, introducing end-to-end visibility into reliable operations at scale.

How can SIO help Plants?

As we find ourselves right in the middle of Industry 4.0, IT and OT can no longer afford to exist in silos – the impact of IT/OT convergence in industrial manufacturing is staggering and needs to account for the following factors:

  • Improved performance, increased productivity, reduced costs and enhanced agility – make a compelling case for bridging the gap between IT and OT technologies
  • A lack of industry standards, disparate development of IT and OT technologies continue to make it challenging to achieve true IT/OT convergence

Plant WorkBlaze, powered by SIO

Plant WorkBlaze, powered by SIO, is an industry-driven solution for IT-OT convergence that brings together the right people, processes, and technology to create a seamless, secure and efficient industrial environment. It is an AI ops-driven framework that provides a unified view of organization-wide operations, helping customers with insights that help make production systems agile to meet market demand spikes, forecast sales, reduce downtimes and enable pre-emptive maintenance of production systems.

Driver and challenges for aftermarkets

Service revenue margins are 2.5x more significant than new product/equipment revenue margins

The emphasis on digital technologies and connected products has increased 7x in the last 10 years

Adopting AI models, Extended Reality (XR) technologies, and connected products at scale are mainstream

The shift to a focus on service outcomes from product-centric business models is transforming customer relationships

Despite digitization, the customers are at varied IoT-adoption levels—a one-size-fits-all approach will not work

Skilled talent shortages, faced by manufacturers, make it difficult for them to offer high-quality services outcomes

As the customers increase their footprints in aftermarket services, the manufacturers must collaborate to improve overall service outcomes and unlock value

Lack of centralized real-time view of services around products leads to inaccurate monitoring of asset health, usages—causing higher downtimes, lower customer satisfaction

Key highlights: SIO for Aftermarkets

Achieve end-to-end operational visibility, driven by IoT-led insights


Unified Asset Health Dashboard

Unified asset health dashboard

Delivering critical insights into asset health and powering proactive services and support

Integration with Inventory Management

Integration with inventory management

Ensuring effective management of spare parts inventory, unhindered operations, and rapid service turnaround times

Round-the-clock Helpdesk

Round-the-clock helpdesk

Industry-specific 24x7 helpdesk support through AI models

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Ensuring effective and accurate equipment fleet supervision

SLA Tracking

SLA tracking

Customer and contract-based SLA tracking and reporting functionalities

Cognitive Maintenance

Cognitive maintenance

Utilizing predictive and prescriptive insights to drive intelligent maintenance and repair operations


Realize High RoI

Realize high RoI

Utilize shared services and tools, leverage AI ops, and experience high first-time-to-fix success rates

Improve Reliability

Improve reliability

Gain better visibility of operations, minimize downtimes, prevent revenue losses, and quicken times for first response

Improve User Experience

Improve user experience

Leverage centralized monitoring hub for seamless monitoring and management, leveraging autonomous operational environment and AI ops-enabled helpdesk

Transform Customer Experience

Transform customer experience

Deliver seamless customer experience via proactive service models and pay-per-use contracts

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