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Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality

Most companies do a great job of promoting efficiency within their own walls, streamlining internal processes wherever possible, but have less success coordinating cross-company business interactions. When data passes through traditional borders, various inconsistencies, errors, and redundancies arise, leading to wasted work. The cost of such inefficiencies is very real and large.

A transparent enterprise is one that eliminates traditional corporate boundaries by streamlining cross-company processes, providing a platform for reducing costs, enhancing quality, and speeding up operations. Cross-company transparency can help your organization adopt a transformational approach to business, by working closely with partners to design and manage seamless processes and information flow.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • Extensive industry experience. HCL has extensive experience across industry segments including Travel and Hospitality (OTAs, tour operators, hotels, and restaurants); Transportation (airlines, car rentals, bus operators and rail transit systems); and Logistics (3PLs, freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution, customs brokerage, trucking, fleet management, shipping, railroads, mail and parcel).
  • Industry leadership. Eight of the top 15 logistics service providers, seven of the top 12 airlines, nine of the top 15 railroads, two of the top 5 hotels, and five national mail companies trust HCL for their IT and business transformation.
  • Continued investments. We have over 25 industry-led solutions and frameworks, dedicated customer academies, and centers of excellence delivering domain capability and customer value.
  • Process-driven approach. We utilize domain-led business process repositories, and provide tools and framework-led IT and business transformation through dedicated centers of excellence for logistics and airlines.
  • Valuable partnerships. With key industry players including JDA, Red Prairie, Infor, eBiznet, Daon, Avfinity, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, TIBCO, CA, and EMC, amongst others, we have the proven ability to partner with clients and ISVs to develop industry solutions and platforms.

How can HCL help you?

HCL offers an array of enterprise-wide services across micro verticals.

  • Enterprise services - Integrated business process-led services across applications (consulting, implementation, development, testing, support, and maintenance), infrastructure management, and business process outsourcing.
  • Transformational services - Legacy modernization, SOA, merger and acquisition integration, application portfolio optimization, EDI integration, business process reengineering, master data management, DWBI, complex event processing, web and mobility enablement, cloud consulting and adoption, integrated operations platform, social analytics, RFID-led track and trace, and core systems standardization.

HCL has a wide array of solutions for all business lines.


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