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The travel segment, including but not limited to airlines, airports, travel intermediaries, cruise liners and car rentals, is today witnessing an upturn. In the past two years, the industry has seen a steep decline in passenger demand, a wild ride of fuel costs and capacity management issues, putting huge pressure on companies to manage costs.

Passengers today want quicker and better services at cheaper costs. Hence, it becomes imperative for travel companies to provide differentiated offerings, enabling greater market share.

We at HCL are committed to the travel business by applying technology at the forefront of Customer Experience. With a focused approach towards the pertinent business processes in the industry, we look at partnering with our clients to achieve optimum value from technological investments. We aim to maximize ROI by mapping processes to applications, infrastructure and databases, thereby eliminating redundancies and cost overrun.

Our significant investments in the travel industry have enabled us to develop solutions, accelerators, methodologies, and frameworks addressing unique functionalities to help our customers rise above competition through improvements across key performance parameters like R/ASM and Load Factor with key focus on Customer Experience.

HCL also understands that every industry within the travel segment is unique, yet related. Therefore, our aim is to synergize yet understand the uniqueness with which these segments operate.

  • Airlines
  • OTAs/ Travel intermediaries
  • Airports
  • Cruise liners
  • Car rentals


HCL Travel Focus


HCL has continuously evolved and invested in the travel space by aligning technology to the unique needs of the market. Our services for this market are aimed towards the following, for business benefits and value addition to this segment:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Operational Focus
  3. Growth Focus


HCL Travel Focus


HCL Differentiators

  • 100,000+ application users supported across the globe
  • 65000+ application tickets handled every month
  • 700+ applications supported globally
  • 20+ customer-facing applications such as dynamic packaging, IVR, loyalty management, event management and WAP-enabled mobile bookings
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

What Customers Say

"Having realized that IT is a core competency for HCL, we have partnered with who we think is best of breed in the industry…

What we found in HCL was that next level of innovation, that next level of experience, that next level of critical thinking.... all of those things proved HCL to be a strong partner."

- Sunjeev Pandey, Senior Director, 

"HCL has a lot of good people with a lot of initiatives, skills and knowledge. HCL is an environment where we can succeed; where each individual in HCL can succeed, the group can succeed and the overall relationship with a customer like Sun America A.I.G. Retirement Services can succeed."

- Ron Sac, Assistant Vice President, Sun America

What Customers Say

“This is wonderful stuff, the type of activities that make a big difference to our customer. Truly great work, and please keep it up” – On Successful implementation of WRAP project.

–CIO Large Programs, Leading Bank in Australia and NZ 

The combined efforts of our Asset Finance and Commercial Lending IT Service Delivery team and HCL have resulted in an 80% reduction in P1 and P2 incidents over 2010. This is a great testimony to Applications and Operations’ dedication to embed strong service management disciplines, including incident, problem, change, capacity, availability and service continuity management.

- CIO Retail & Business Banking ES, A Large Australian Bank