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Multi Channel

With the rapid advancement in technology in banking services, customer experience management and cost optimization are driving the multi-channel strategy for the banking and financial services industry.  Banks are adapting themselves to changing customer preferences and this applies not only to their products and services, but also to the multi-channel delivery of such products and services.

The strategy towards the introduction of new delivery channels will highly depend upon cost optimization (both capital and operational), the bank’s ability to integrate its multi-channels and the adoption of such channels by its customers. With new innovative technology solutions and the shift in customer experience towards sophistication and ease of use in the delivery of products and services, banks across the world are continuously evaluating their investment strategies on channels and the underlying technologies, to remain competitive in the market and improve their customers experience, while maintaining a constant focus on cost optimization across investments and operations.

HCL’s Services

HCL’s expertise spans various banking channels and distribution networks. Our Multi-Channel Practice leverages deep domain expertise and technology to enable banks to:

  • Project a unified view of products, services and reports to their customers across multiple channels like branch, internet, mobile, and more (banking system integration solutions)
  • Construct a single view of a customer across multiple channels
  • Automate and streamline processes, and consolidate systems and platforms across digital channels
  • Standardize processes and services cross channels
  • Improve customer experience, retention, and cross-selling
  • Re-position and re-brand products
  • Build a more flexible architecture
  • Enhance client self-services

HCL’s Value Proposition

HCL has a dedicated Multi-Channel Practice for multi-channel solutions that consists of SMEs from the banking and financial services industry, techno domain experts, architects, and business analysts.

  • Experience in developing a POC based on Chordiant
  • Proven skills in software engineering of ATM terminals, ATM networks and ATM host systems covering technologies for multi-platform device drivers, system software, communication protocol stacks, and embedded systems
  • Indigenously developed frameworks such as Banxis Nebula, Banxis Iris and Banxis TouchPoint for faster and efficient solution delivery
  • Experience in Internet banking solutions
  • Experience in customer data mining, data integration and single sign on
  • Dedicated SOA and Middleware Practice

HCL’s Frameworks

  • Banxis Nebula – is our XFS open standards framework that provides an XFS test bed for a financial device subsystem to interoperate with multi-vendor systems. For banks, this gives a tremendous freedom in the choice of peripherals.
  • Banxis Iris – is our ATM performance monitor that isolates hardware and application faults proactively at the terminal and network levels. It traps faults and generates alerts. It does a continuous health-check, gathers performance metrics, and presents clear, up-to-the minute reports.
  • Banxis TouchPoint – is our KIOSK solution whose uncomplicated touch screen interface ensures that customers don’t have to be tech savvy to be finance-savvy, resulting in a better customer experience. Short of cash transactions, Kiosks can do everything ATMs can, and some things that ATMs can’t. They support centralized content management, multi-lingual content creation, interfaces to CRM systems, and two-factor authentications for more security for content management.

HCL’s Partnerships

HCL leverages its partnership with Chordiant, “the customer experience” company to provide various channel related solutions. The partnership offers the following strategic services:

  • Go to market
  • Solution building
  • System integration services
  • Professional services
  • Product engineering (including IPs on white spaces identified in partner solutions)

HCL’s Experience

  • Testing of mobile applications for a large financial institution in the U.S.
  • Upgrading the internet banking site for leading banks in Asia and Europe
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What Customers Say

The ability to understand the business problem, together with the technical landscape and bridge the two, cannot be overstated. For that I'd be looking for someone who can influence, articulate and hold a view.

"What can I say!. Your efforts have made considerable positive impact.

– CIO, Leading Bank in Australia and NZ


What an amazing result. Considering how long and how tough this year has been, the result on the weekend was a testament to the drive, dedication and commitment to quality that this team continues to display. For those unaware of the details, we migrated over 400,000 business deposit and migration accounts with a success rate of 99.86% !!!!Congratulations to all involved and a huge well done to a program that continues to deliver the big bank changing milestones." 

– Program Director- One of the largest banks in Australia