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Artist 360⁰

More artists are expanding their relationships with labels and concert promoters beyond traditional channels such as albums, publishing and concert tickets. This is to cultivate and participate in non-traditional streams such as fan clubs, websites, touring, brand management and other forms of sponsorships. Record companies are seeking 360-degree deals so that they receive rights to non-recording activities such as entertainment rights, band management, publishing, live touring, merchandising, record releases and rights to publicity.

HCL’s Artist 360° provides a platform that addresses this problem and enables fans, artists, artist’s managers and record label administrators to get a complete view of all the activities (music albums, events, merchandise, movies, TV shows, etc) performed by the artist and promote their brand.


Web platform to help:

  • Contribute up to 20-30% of new revenue
  • Generate brand value and fan connect for the celebrity artist
  • Develop markets for new bands/ music/ artists
  • Generate additional revenue by promoting merchandise/ partners
  • Provide a comprehensive view of their earnings by product types

What Customers say

"You made my Group’s week! The increased speed of pulling copy to edit in the HEPMviewer is immensely improved. Once supervisor called it a ‘pleasure’ to use. This has been a real thorn in our critical time. Great Work, thank you!"