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AWS fuels digital transformation for a multinational entertainment conglomerate

To prepare for their next growth phase, our client sought to implement a faster pace of innovation on par with the experiences of cloud-native organizations
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The entertainment industry continues to innovate and adopt sustainable digital transformation practices to provide an enhanced and safe customer experience. Building contactless and cashless points of interaction has become an integral part of the digitization process at theme parks and vacation clubs. In an effort to adapt to emerging trends and embrace emerging technologies, our client was looking to transform and upgrade its legacy architecture and dynamic real-time processing capabilities by implementing an end-to-end technology modernization and migration program.

The Challenge

Reimagining a fluid business process

The entertainment conglomerate required a system that facilitates the entire contract and loan preparation and management process. The systems in place were over 25 years old, difficult to maintain and lacked the agility to support modern, operational demands. The company’s critical functionality was supported by manual and minimally automated processes, introducing the risk of operational and member satisfaction impacts.

The Objective

Preparing for the next phase of growth

Our client wanted to retire their legacy AS400 contract and loan applications, facilitate the end-to-end loan and contract management process, reduce manual processes and enhance the internal control environment. The collaboration with HCLTech helped them realize that this need would be best addressed through an agile, secure, scalable, on-demand hybrid cloud environment like AWS.


The Solution

An agile, scalable and on-demand hybrid cloud environment

To prepare our client for their next phase of growth, HCLTech implemented a hybrid cloud strategy leveraging both AWS PaaS and IaaS services.

  • Following AWS Well-Architected framework guidelines, we created a multi-zone deployment with Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to segregate different layers. Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) was used to run microservices and other application components, while Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) was used for building the new database layer. The interaction domain elements, Spring Boot-based Microservices, BPM and Security solutions were deployed in Elastic Bean Stalk.
  • Amazon Direct Connect fulfilled the need for connectivity between on-premises and AWS Cloud. A dedicated VPC was configured with multiple subnets to ensure availability and scalability needs were met.
  • Microservices developed with Spring Boot were containerized, deployed and orchestrated through AWS ECS. A relational database hosted in AWS RDS on Maria DB was developed to have real-time synchronization with on-premises databases for data security.

The Impact

Scalable IT infrastructure and flexibility to meet the future demands

With the new technology infrastructure in place, our client achieved a 50% reduction in manual processes. Through the reimagination of business process workflows and the enhancement of key functionality accessibility, they now enjoy the benefits of operating in a public cloud. HCLTech implemented a cloud native design that delivers close to 100% availability. Separation of business logic through microservices also helped enhance business agility and increased reusability.

  • 40% increase in operational efficiency
  • 50% reduction in manual processes
  • Near-100% availability due to modular design