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Talent management for an entertainment conglomerate

HCLTech helps the client's end-to-end training and assessment platform
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HCLTech helped transform the client's end-to-end tech talent training and assessment platform

A US-based multibillion-dollar gaming and entertainment company was grappling with severe training and assessment limitations, coupled with the advent of hyper-digitization across the industry, resulting in an unprecedented demand for job-ready IT professionals.

They sought a fully digitized learning and assessment platform to train technical resources on a large scale. They also wanted to improve onboarding and deployment timelines. They consulted with HCLTech about bridging the training gap, while supporting the gaming touchpoints across their portfolio.

The Challenge

Operational challenges with time-to-hire metric

With growing sales and a globally expanding customer base, our client realized its existing onboarding and learning platforms were not fully equipped to deploy talent at scale. The issues included:

  • The lengthy and cost-inefficient time-to-hire process presented operational challenges
  • They lacked appropriate training mechanisms to teach talented new hires recruited from college
  • The existing platform needed to be more agile to accommodate a full suite of courses
  • The programs were often outdated, inflexible and ineffective
  • Upgrading the existing platform would have been extremely expensive and time-consuming, leading to more fiscal setbacks

The Objective

Disseminating a winning strategy for talent transformation

Implementing a future-ready learning platform to drive talent transformation also meant disseminating a winning strategy with a ready-to-deploy and easy-to-integrate platform with the ability to scale on demand and add courses according to need. Our client partnered with HCLTech to dramatically improve the learner experience with a comprehensive suite of IT, engineering and domain-specific training and assessment modules. We also streamlined talent onboarding and deployment timelines and defined a five-year talent transformation roadmap.

The Solution

Incorporating client-specific content into the learning platform

HCLTech collaborated with them to create customized training content and deploy it through their Career Shaper learning platform to supplement existing job courses and track student progress. The platform included courses in game development, OS and systems, as well as soft skills and client-specific content. The platform also maintained real-time analytics and assessment reports to track student progress and identify areas that needed improvement.

The Impact

Accelerating learner job readiness with integrated technical and domain training

HCLTech accelerated learner job readiness by integrating technical and domain training into a single program, including practical capstone projects.

The Career Shaper platform allowed our client to quickly scale and sustain their talent transformation goals. The platform also offered the flexibility to adjust course durations for faster talent onboarding, optimizing return on investment.

With 22 years of industry experience in OEM, casinos, digital gaming and lottery operations, HCLTech provided future-proof, domain-specific training tools.

The client is now equipped with a competitive edge, and they plan to partner with HCLTech for a five-year roadmap to onboard 500 resources globally each year. The platform also offered a seamless user experience and a built-in analytics dashboard for better visibility of the training process.