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Remote Proctoring transforms capabilities for an education company

Online assessments replicating the traditional exam experience helps save costs
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HCLTech helped develop online assessments to replicate the traditional exam experience and save costs

In today's fast-paced world, balancing learning with work and daily activities can be a significant challenge. However, advancements in EdTech have made higher education more accessible to a wider range of individuals. Despite this progress, ensuring the integrity of online education and assessment can be a complex task. That is why a leading educational assessment company with a global workforce of 50,000 employees across 70 countries sought a trusted EdTech enabler to enhance its standing and reputation in remote educational assessment. Our client's objective was to implement a reliable online assessment platform that would replicate the traditional exam experience and uphold the highest standards of integrity. They recognized the need for a robust solution to meet the demands of remote learning and assessment in today's educational landscape.

The Challenge

Migrating to an agile and scalable digital solution

Our client faced a significant challenge when COVID-19 forced them to shift to a fully remote model. With a plethora of programs for students and professionals across various academic disciplines and career paths, migrating the entire ecosystem online was no easy feat.

  • The existing platform was lacking in scalability and agility while being heavily reliant on manual interventions
  • Upgrading the platform would have been cost-ineffective and time-consuming
  • Additionally, our client needed to ensure exam integrity by preventing remote students from accessing resources that could compromise the assessment process
  • As part of the assessment process, our client’s proctors verified students, scanned their environments and monitored them online
  • However, with each proctor observing 15 students simultaneously, the human-intensive approach left ample room for fraud, malpractice and student misconduct

To solve these challenges, our client required a new, agile and scalable digital solution that could accommodate new assessment modules while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in remote assessments


The Objective

Swift and secure remote proctoring solution

Our client's objective was to:

  • Find a scalable and comprehensive remote proctoring platform that could revolutionize their online education and assessment business
  • Identify an AI/ML-based solution to authenticate student identity and maintain exam integrity by identifying prohibited objects and unacceptable student behavior
  • Provide instant access to information to increase the number of online exams without the need for additional proctors
  • Minimize noise and maximize proctor attention during the assessment process

The Impact

Transforming remote proctoring

HCLTech's remote proctoring platform transformed our client's examination process with impressive features:

  • 92% accuracy in detecting prohibited items, reducing malpractice
  • A scalable 1:100 proctor-student ratio, improving ROI
  • Continuous AI upgrades enhancing accuracy
  • Exam module customization, such as allowing advanced calculators for specific exams
  • Concurrent video streaming for 10,000 videos, streamlined screening and onboarding and informed decision-making based on performance and integrity scores
  • Reduced technical support reliance with cloud-agnostic deployment and custom AI models
  • Flexibility to add new programs while reducing fraud and costs

HCLTech's platform provided an authentic classroom experience, democratizing education and elevating our client's reputation in remote education.

The Solution

Transforming the EdTech landscape to meet client requirements

  • HCLTech's Delivery-as-a-Service (DaaS) model exceeded the client's previous engagement model, enabling the transformation of their EdTech stack
  • The scalable AI/ML-based remote proctoring platform offered all essential features to meet the client's requirements
  • After a comprehensive analysis, HCLTech seamlessly deployed the solution, delivering an interactive and intuitive user experience that maximized student performance across different locations
  • With webcam and microphone integration, the platform's robust AI/ML engine continuously monitored and tracked student activity, detecting potential issues like facial recognition errors, unauthorized device usage and distracted eye movements
  • Real-time video streaming enabled proctors to scan the student's environment, and a live chat feature ensured easy communication
  • The platform's customizable rules engine allowed for protocol customization and threshold setting
  • HCLTech's Credibility Index algorithm generated detailed analytical reports, identifying students vulnerable to fraudulent behavior