Maximized automation boosts operational efficiency for a telco | HCLTech

Maximized automation boosts operational efficiency for a telco

HCLTech accelerates IT infrastructure in the cloud
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By accelerating IT infrastructure in the cloud, HCLTech helped a leading telecom provider achieve operational stability and consistent availability

The leading Canadian communications and media company faced the significant challenge of upgrading its monolithic architecture and automating its operational support systems to enhance its customer-centric experience.

In search of a reliable partner, the telecom provider chose HCLTech based on our deep domain experience and track record of achieving quantifiable business outcomes. Through a long-term contract, HCLTech worked closely with our client to reduce technological gaps in IT administration.

Leveraging our global technology expertise, HCLTech transformed our client's digital landscape with end-to-end system automation solutions, ensuring operational stability and consistent service availability, leading to reduced major incidents and costs. This successful partnership enabled the telecom provider to streamline its technological ecosystem and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

The Challenge

Meet changing customer requirements and stay ahead of the competition

To meet evolving consumer requirements and maintain a competitive edge, our client recognized the need for next-gen technologies. However, they faced several challenges that hindered their ability to achieve their goals:

  • Their existing solutions lacked visibility into the environment, resulting in inadequate performance. This led to unpredictable service for end consumers, damaging our client's reputation.
  • The rising costs of process deployment hindered their ability to optimize ROI.
  • They experienced a high number of major incidents, causing lengthy resolution times.
  • Keeping up with rapidly changing cyber-domain regulations presented a challenge in terms of security and compliance.

The Objective

To enhance operational stability, provide consistent availability and bring transparency across IT systems

Our client wanted to transform their data centers by moving to next-gen technologies (cloud/hybrid cloud) and improve their customer satisfaction index (CSI).

HCLTech was onboarded as a managed service provider to transition services and migrate the client's data centers to the cloud. The aim was to scale our client's IT infrastructure and workloads to private and public clouds to support enterprise operations.

The goal was to fully automate the environment to achieve greater visibility and stability.


The Solution

A modernized infrastructure to obtain stability and technical debt reduction

HCLTech offered a modernized infrastructure solution to achieve stability and reduce technical debt for the telecom provider.

A comprehensive survey of the legacy architecture and operating systems was conducted to identify risks and pain points, while involving all stakeholders in our client's business and technology ecosystem.

HCLTech invested in cutting-edge AI and ML, enabling the adoption of best practices to drive automation and unlocking the potential of next-gen digital technologies.

Our client's global operations center and platforms were enhanced to improve SLAs. The solution included introducing automation and industry best practices for stabilizing the environment, reducing technical debt and enabling predictable operations with integrated monitoring, auto ticketing and self-healing.

HCLTech partnered with the client to maintain reliability through remote support and ensure stable operations, resulting in 27% OPEX savings. The existing infrastructure was modernized by patching critical billing applications, and HCLTech supported their cloud and modernization initiatives by migrating the mainframe and upholding Oracle currency programs.

The Impact

Operational stability and consistent availability

The strategic partnership between the telecom provider and HCLTech delivered a range of operational and business benefits.

  • The major incident count was significantly reduced by 89.8%, which further improved to 95% for in-scope services
  • Mean time to restore from major incidents was reduced by 59%, resulting in faster resolution times
  • The provisioning time for GTM products accelerated by 50%
  • The backup success rate for TSM saw an improvement of 18%, leading to enhanced data security
  • By purging unnecessary data and optimizing space, our client achieved savings of millions of dollars

HCLTech also provided enhanced technological support for IaaS. These positive outcomes bolstered our client's reputation and resulted in an extension of their contract with HCLTech. Currently, we are working on reshaping our client’s IT vision and supporting their growth journey.