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Research indicates that more than 20% of the time spent by internet users is on social media (including social networks, blogs). Social media has become a huge platform for people from across the world to collaborate, share information, review and provide feedback on products/ services. If the last decade was about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the focus of companies in this decade is shifting to SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Socialytics is a Social Analytics and CRM tool from HCL, which helps companies identify their social media competiveness and perform social media monitoring including user’s sentiment analysis. Socialytics also helps the marketing team to connect with end consumers and serve them better.

Business Benefits

  • Improved brand presence across various social media channels
  • Increased traffic to website, resulting in higher revenue
  • Establishing long-term relationships by understanding the pulse of the customers
  • Personalized targeting of content, products, services and promotions
  • Effective customer service
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What Customers Say

"You made my Group’s week! The increased speed of pulling copy to edit in the HEPMviewer is immensely improved. Once supervisor called it a ‘pleasure’ to use. This has been a real thorn in our critical time. Great Work, thank you!"