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Notable Analyst Recognitions

HCL BigFix Received Top Score in Gartner Peer Insights UEM Capabilities Rating (December 2020)

HCL Unica Achieved Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Award (December 2020)

HCL Technologies positioned as a Leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2021

Focus on innovation and client value
HCL Software ActianTM DRYiCETM Software Industry Software
  • Automation
  • Commerce & Marketing
  • Digital Solutions
  • Data Management
  • Mainframes
  • Secure DevOps
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Edge Data Management
  • Transactional Databases
  • AI Ops
  • Service Orchestration
  • Business Process Observability
  • Digital Workplace
  • Telecom & 5G
  • Industry 4.0 & Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Cloud

Over the years, HCL has created thousands of solutions for clients, resulting in valuable intellectual property (IP), and products and platforms (P&P) that provide quantifiable client value spanning traditional, emerging and future technology needs.

Software Product Framework
Client Perspective

“This software allows me to target the new market and provides me full information about it and even allows me to customize the experience that is possible through its API system. HCL has really helped me in handling the digital commerce which does not require any technicality. It has enabled me to integrate with my other online channels so that from one platform I can run my business from all aspects like marketing, promotions, selling, personalization etc.”

Dave Miller
Risk Management

“The best thing about HCL Commerce is that it is cloud based, so the console can be accessed on a variety of devices and systems.”

Josh Johnson
Information Technology

“HCL BigFix enabled an effective work from home workplace.”

John Brown
Information Technology
United Parcel Service

Key Transformational Wins

A global semiconductor company selected HCL as its strategic partner to drive growth, eliminate risk on DevOps and ensure optimal function of the customer’s R&D process. HCL will support growth of a highly complex and innovationdriven business through design and a code management system

A US-based automotive manufacturer engaged HCL for the Commerce, BigFix, Domino and Leap portfolios to transact business, manage their endpoint devices, and facilitate application development

A Europe-based retail company has chosen HCL to orchestrate critical projects and manage consumption peaks in this unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic environment. The recent release of HCL Commerce v9.1 and HCL Workload Automation will enable the client in their business operations

Key Product Offerings

Customer Experience: Unica, HCL Commerce and HCL Digital Experience

Digital Solutions: HCL Domino, HCL Domino Volt, HCL Notes, HCL Connections, HCL Sametime, HCL Verse, HCL Digital Experience and Mainframe Products

Secure DevOps: HCL AppScan, HCL Accelerate, HCL Launch, HCL OneTest, HCL Compass, HCL VersionVault and HCL RTist

Security and Automation: BigFix and HCL Workload Automation

ActianTM: Actian Avalanche, Actian Zen, Actian DataConnect, Actian X

DRYiCETM Software: DRYiCETM iAutomate, DRYiCETM Lucy, DRYiCETM MyCloud, DRYiCETM Gold BluePrint, DRYiCETM SX, DRYiCETM iControl, DRYiCETM AEX

Industry Software: SON, X-Haul, CAMWorks, DFMPro

Analyst Perspective

“Once a product becomes an intrinsic part of an enterprises’ processes, it is difficult to displace it. This is the stickiness that HCL is bringing into its client relationships by focusing on Products and Platforms.”


“HCL leverages its DRYiCETM Autonomics and Orchestration platform to deliver IA-enabled integration, development, and managed services, as well as products such as the DRYiCETM Lucy cognitive virtual assistant, the DRYiCETM iControl business process flow monitoring tool, the DRYiCETM iAutomate intelligent runbook automation tool), and the DRYiCETM OptiBot (end-user experience and service desk automation suite).”

Winning Idea
Automation Hub

HCL took a popular and durable product, HCL Workload Automation, and reimagined its value to complex enterprises. In FY21, HCL Software released the Automation Hub, a marketplace to expand the automation capabilities of modern digital enterprises to new domains with a collection of cutting-edge integrations for the Workload Automation platform. The Automation Hub provides many significant business and technical benefits, including a library of integrations, the chance to submit new integrations and a resource to learn how to better integrate automation. Automation Hub has 60+ jobs, integration and extensions onboarded.