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HCL Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability

Creating harmony between the planet, people and prosperity

At HCL, our sustainability initiatives are based on a combination of how materially important they are to our business and stakeholders and are defined in four main areas: Renew Ecosystem, Redefine Workplace, Responsible Business and Repay Society.

Our long and rich history of giving back to our communities—under the guidance of our Founder, Shiv Nadar—was built on the values of innovation, entrepreneurship, humanity and a people-centric culture. We ensure that our success is reflected in the socio-economic development of the communities we engage with, and that our clients, employees, and communities get every advantage to succeed.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we view sustainability in three ways—economic, social, and environmental.

  • We make a difference in health, education, technology and jobs for people who are denied the benefits and access to science and technology.

  • We help rural communities by alleviating poverty and achieving inclusive growth.

  • We drive CSR activities locally to ensure relevance.

  • We aim to improve the lives of people globally, engaging our employees, clients and stakeholders to a higher purpose.


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Youth Skill Development

In South Africa, HCL is partnering with Safe-Hub to provide digital labs for at-risk teens to help develop computer skills

NGO Capacity

The 2020 winners of the HCL Grant were among 5,000+ submissions in the Environment, Health, and Education categories


For its 43rd anniversary, the HCL Foundation organized the planting of over 4,300 trees to combat climate change


HCL’s "Women Lead" initiative is a 1:1 mentorship program for aspiring women leaders, expanding to the Nordics in 2020

Youth Mentoring

HCL UK works with The Prince's Trust, helping disadvantaged youth gain digital skills through programs such as “Get Started with Technology"

Youth Skill Development

Our partnership with Stockholm’s Göta Traneberg, is creating Team Västerort to participate in the first girls’ hockey league in Stockholm


HCL’s "Women Lead" initiative is a 1:1 mentorship program for aspiring women leaders that began in Australia

Energy Management

Our datacenters use low-powered blade servers and more energy-efficient uninterruptible power supplies that can use 70% less power than a legacy UPS

Care for the Disadvantaged

HCL partnered with the McGrath Foundation to raise funds for 22 McGrath Breast Cancer Nurses to support 2,200 families in 2021

Youth Mentoring

In France, HCL supports Apprentis d'Auteuil with a program called Coders of Tomorrow by helping purchase computer equipment, tablets, digital boards


HCL is a proud sponsor of the Dutchess of the Sea, an all-women Dutch team rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Policies and Certificates

At HCL, we are aligned to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We are committed to making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company. We engage in collaborative projects that advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals. Our policies and certifications are a testament of our efforts.

Sustainability Initiatives

At HCL, our sustainability initiatives are based on a combination of how materially important they are to our business and stakeholders and are defined in four main areas: Renew Ecosystem, Redefine Workplace, Responsible Business and Repay Society.



Ensuring stringent environmental standards through:

  • Green buildings and energy management
  • Biodiversity and water neutrality
  • Safe waste disposal and reduced paper usage
  • Responsible supply chain and green procurement
  • Advocacy and environment certification


Long-standing commitment to ensuring our employees grow in their careers through:

  • Employee wellbeing
  • Global mobility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Career lifecycle and employee experience
  • Industry and academia association


Maintaining a socially ethical and environmental go-to-market strategy through:

  • Impact forums and innovation
  • Governance and ethical social media
  • Economic performance and green IT
  • Supply chain management and siting policy
  • Benchmarking sustainability


Giving back to society through our partner ecosystem and local NGOs, affecting:

  • Youth skill development and mentoring
  • Marginalized women programs and NGOs capacity
  • Care for disadvantaged and child rights advocacy
  • Rehabilitation and bridge schools
  • Arts and culture

Global Initiatives

We have a long-standing tradition of engaging in corporate social responsibility that commenced in India with the HCL Foundation. It is a tradition that can be seen in our numerous initiatives to empower communities through long-term sustainable programs. We continue to broaden our engagements around the globe.

  • Led by our employee workforce and leveraging our Power of One program, our employees are able to donate time, knowledge and financial contributions to support causes they are passionate about. Power of One is based on the belief that all we need is just $1 / €1 / ₹1 a day, or one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year of community service, to make a significant difference in society.
  • Our initiatives encompass issues impacting children and the youth around health, education, nutrition and the promotion of STEM skills, helping them build a dignified future.

Our employees engage through the HCL Power of One initiative, donating denominations of 1/3/5/10 per payroll/per day, supporting causes they most care about.

The HCL Power of One initiative is active in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, India, France, Germany, Poland, and would soon be launched in Australia.

The South Africa initiatives are supported by SED Funds.


In India, we established the HCL Foundation (HCLF) in 2011 as the CSR arm of HCL Technologies. It is a value-driven not-for-profit organization, contributing towards defined national and international development goals to bring about lasting positive impact in the lives of people through long-term sustainable programs.

  • HCL Samuday defines the Foundation's resolve to improve the lives and economic well-being of rural communities.
    • 63% increase in productivity of traditional crops, 5 times increase in income for farmers diversifying to high value crops
    • 39 villages electrified through 30 solar mini-grids
    • 100% literacy achieved in 2 Gram Panchayats. Enhanced quality of education in 357 government schools.
    • 68% of marginal households are supported with non-agricultural livelihood options
  • HCL Uday seeks to break the cycle of urban poverty through an integrated community development approach.
    • 25,151 children benefitted through technology-enabled learning solutions
    • 5,169 children under age 6 provided with adequate nutrition and quality ECCD support
    • 4,480 frontline workers trained on RKSK, IYCF and other issues
    • 120,000 kg annual CO2e sequestration and emission reduction
    • 2 billion liters increase in water holding capacity
  • HCL Harit – The Green Initiative – is a flagship program for environmental action, with the vision to conserve, restore, and enhance indigenous environmental systems and respond to climate change in a sustainable manner through community engagement.
    • 67 water bodies under rejuvenation
    • 103,284 saplings planted with 90% survival rate
    • 5,046 animals treated
    • 125 acres of land under forestation
United States

With our strong workforce and a large ecosystem of clients and partners, we’re deeply committed to driving societal change in local communities across the United States. Our deep commitment to serve the communities in which we operate works through active engagements with civic organizations, federal governments, universities and charitable institutions to cultivate lasting relationships—benefiting the lives of thousands.

Our CSR programs in the United States have been corporate-led as well as employee-led initiatives across areas such as health, education, protecting the environment, tackling social issues and responding to inequitable situations in local communities we operate in. Some of our notable partners include:

  • United Way, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Music4Hope, Rise Against Hunger, Poised in Pink breast cancer awareness with Estée Lauder Companies
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Feeding America, CDC, UC Berkeley
  • STEM for Her, The Valuable 500, Girls Who Code


By challenging conventions, we're championing the cause of women rising to claim their aspirations. We're doing this with the intent to even the turf, to stand in the corner of aspiring women who've nurtured their passion and skill, and to put them in the eyes of the world—in big arenas, where they truly belong.

  • Women Lead Nordics was launched in February 2020. Participants were helped to develop a ‘Circle of Influence,’ emerging with a powerful and influential business network for aspiring women leaders.
  • Our partnership with Stockholm’s Göta Traneberg, together with Ekerö IK and Hässelby/Källvesta, is creating Team Västerort to participate in the first girls’ junior hockey league in Stockholm.
  • We are a proud partner of the Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK Helsinki) Finnish women’s football. In 2020, HJK Helsinki created a new ground of equality and a sense of community by being one of the first clubs in the world that promotes its stars earned from winning titles by both men and women at the same level.
United Kingdom

In the UK, we have worked with The Prince’s Trust for the past 8 years, helping disadvantaged young people receive training in technology, life skills and career skills to better their future prospects. Our activities:

  • We sponsored 15 Get Started with Technology programs, where young people have undertaken training in mobile application development and other digital skills. The programs also help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain exposure to how large organizations function and understand the opportunities that exist within technology. Our clients actively supported the programs by joining as speakers and mentors.
  • HCL organized a World of Work day with clients in the UK. The last one with the BBC Studios was a 1-day program where young adults from the Trust visited the studio and received great insights into how the BBC operates. They finished the day with a workshop with BBC executives on a real business challenge, with each group presenting their solution.
  • Our UK employees have actively participated in various fundraising initiatives by the Trust, such as Palace to Palace and Future Steps, two fundraising activities that promote being active.
  • As a response to COVID-19, our UK employees contributed more than £53k for the Prince’s Trust’s Young Person Relief Fund, which was then matched by HCL UK.
  • Hosted 3 Cup of Two DREAMS Tournaments and Mentorship programs with clients in the Old Trafford Stadium.

In the Netherlands, we proudly supported the Dutchess of the Sea, an all-women Dutch team that rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Setting off on December 12, 2020, the four Dutch rowers traveled non-stop from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, to Nelson’s Dockyard at the English Harbour in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • By embarking on this 3,000-mile rowing challenge, the Dutchess of the Sea team raised money for two great causes—the ALS Neuromuscular Research and the Plastic Soup Foundation—while being an inspiration for all to do better for our planet and our communities.
  • The team is an inspiration for all women to pursue their goals and aspirations and take on challenges head-on.

In a very short time, the CSR council in Bulgaria has made significant progress in their efforts to drive change and impact in their communities. Leveraging Power of One, the council has clearly defined 3 focus areas: human wellbeing, animal wellbeing and the environment. To ensure that our efforts bear fruit and have a significant impact, we are partnering with Bcause – a highly credible NGO in Bulgaria.


In France, our CSR focus lies in supporting Apprentis d'Auteuil with a new program called Coders of Tomorrow. College Saint Paul is an innovative school owned and managed by Apprentis d'Auteuil. The school accepts all children coming from very different social backgrounds and different types of difficulties, whether academic and/or social.

As part of our Coders of Tomorrow program HCL Technologies France has been organising a number of virtual sessions with Apprentis d'Auteuil and the Coders of Tomorrow students. On these sessions HCL executives and executives from our clients and partners have shared their career journey, their professional experiences and passion for the IT world. HCL attaches particular importance to the participation of our volunteers and volunteers from our clients and partners in this forum. By sharing their stories, they help students envision a future in technology and understand the many paths to achieving this.

Our activities revolve around:

  • Creating internships for the students, allowing them to discover the world of business through site visits, coaching sessions and meetings with our employees.
  • Helping young people to find a passion and, therefore, not drop out of school.
  • Maintaining this project over the long-term and ensuring that this Pilot School is the first in a long series.
  • Supporting this project by helping the school to purchase computer equipment, tables, digital boards, etc.
  • Creating a real "culture" of development validated by industry-recognized certification "badges"
  • Creating partnerships in local industry and national programming schools.
  • In Germany, as in many other countries across the globe, we wanted to ensure that underprivileged children whose families had been hit hard by the pandemic still had some Christmas gifts to open on Christmas Eve.
  • Engaging with the “German Women’s Council” to participate and promote gender equality.
  • Focusing on supporting digital school projects
  • Engaged in developing a local SafeHub model in Berlin. The SafeHub model is driven by the vision of a world where all young people access equal opportunities, strive to realize their full potential and dare to dream. This is achieved through the establishment of Digital Labs, with an aim to develop healthy, educated and productive young citizens who are fit for the future.

In Lithuania, we are focusing partnerships with local child support and health support NGOS with a major emphasis on skills development, children's education and children's rights.

  • HCL Lithuania supported schools and orphanages with equipment to enable remote learning
  • Organizing free webinars to develop soft skills for students

The CSR council had a clear focus to support underprivileged children in the runup to Christmas, being able to support a Letter to Santa drive where 50 children had their wishes become a reality. In 2021, this focus has broadened to also include:

  • A focus on education – where children and schools need help with online learning capabilities
  • Supporting children with disabilities
  • Offering support to underprivileged families and promote health and wellbeing
  • Driving climate action initiatives

In Poland, we strongly believe in ‘Together, we can do more.’ Our slogan ‘Let’s make a difference!’ drives us to explore opportunities to create a better world.

  • We support Blood Donation Days on the O3 Business Campus
  • We have a number of climate change initiatives—Fight against Plastic, Bee Active, and Cycle to Work—engaging employees, cooperating with socially responsible entities, such as the City of Cracow and the O3 Business Campus facility management
  • We support the Hunger Fight in Poland awareness campaign, do food collection drives, and fundraising in cooperation with Cracow Food Bank
  • We were a silver sponsor of the tenth jubilee Poland Business Run, a charity relay run—the biggest fundraising event in Poland to help people with musculoskeletal disabilities and those at risk of amputations
  • Neurodiversity in a workplace: We promote a diverse and inclusive workplace for neuro-diverse employees through retention, recruitment, and development efforts
  • We support underprivileged students in remote areas by donating unused IT equipment
South Africa

In South Africa, we partnered with Amandla Kulutsha, an NGO that built the Safe-Hub model. The Safe-Hub Program has implemented the largest and most impactful youth development project ever established in South Africa. It is driven by the vision of a world where all young people access equal opportunities, strive to realize their full potential and dare to dream. This is achieved through the establishment of Digital Labs, with an aim to develop healthy, educated and productive young citizens who are fit for the future.

  • Designed to disrupt the intergenerational cycles of poverty, unemployment and inequality.
  • The main objectives lie in creating a safe environment for children to achieve their academic goals and aspirations by providing IT skills development (Digital Labs), tutoring and homework supervision, ensuring high-school graduation as well as preparation for university entrance.
  • Involves developing and coaching entrepreneurs to ultimately give back to the community.

As an extension to our partnership with Cricket Australia, we partnered with the McGrath Foundation to raise funds for McGrath Breast Care Nurses. Over the past 13 years, the Pink Test has become a national phenomenon and is the largest sporting fundraising initiative in Australia.

  • In 2020, the cricket and broader community came together in the most incredible way to support the McGrath Foundation. Together, we were able to raise a little over $3 Million in just five days
  • This will help fund 22 McGrath Breast Care Nurses who will support almost 2,200 families going through breast cancer in 2021

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