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The evolving landscape of the workforce is on a rapid trajectory, with projections from the World Economic Forum indicating that over a billion jobs will transition to being technology-dependent in the next decade.

Welcome to HCLTech Career Shaper™, our proprietary solution, learning and assessment platform for driving talent transformation and mobility for enterprises, talent development organizations and government skills missions.


What We Do

Career Shaper™ acts as a technology partner, empowering enterprise digital academies with comprehensive, secure and compliance-driven products and solutions. Seamlessly compatible with existing human resource management systems (HRMS), our offerings ensure a smooth integration process.

Learning Solutions

Our extensive array of tech-focused learning programs covers AI, Cloud, Cyber, Data, Digital, Engineering and more. These programs, aligned with industry standards and competency-based, are curated and delivered by industry practitioners to equip learners with job-ready skills.

Talent Assessment

We specialize in crafting customized competency-based evaluations for skills-gap analysis, job readiness and career pathway recommendations. These assessments serve to baseline skills and competencies at the enterprise level, facilitating efficient budget utilization.

Team Coaching

Our tailored team coaching services support CTOs, CIOs and enterprises in accelerating change management and digital adoption. By enabling teams to discover, engage, equip, enable and improve, we enhance overall productivity.

Advisory Services

With our team of experts, we design and implement comprehensive talent transformation strategies. This includes establishing digital academies, standardizing competency-based frameworks for talent development, fostering diversity through alternative talent pools and optimizing workforce localization.

Integrated Solution

By combining our platform and products, learning solutions, talent assessment, team coaching and advisory services, we provide enterprises with a holistic solution. We commit to implementation targets and measurable outcomes to drive success.

Why Career ShaperTM

Leveraging HCLTech’s business expert pool and an ever-growing inventory of diverse tracks, Career ShaperTM delivers purposeful outcomes through a balanced delivery approach. With strategic partnerships and a focus on standardizing services, we offer assessments and learning programs at scale, empowering individuals worldwide.


We are a tech company in tech learning with over 47 years of experience. We have a strong foundation catering to enterprises


We offer omnichannel delivery of programs through a mobile platform to supplement or complement the web-based learning experience and candidate engagements

Expert pool

We leverage expertise from all service lines of HCLTech business to continuously innovate and offer relevant learning and assessment programs to our customers


Our unique differentiator is domain-infused learning content and multi-disciplinary programs

Diverse talent

We understand the organizational need to assimilate diverse talent and hence offer programs from entry-level to upskilling for continuity and cross-skilling for inclusivity

Talent advisory

Our talent advisory capability stems from our experience setting up IT operations globally through localized talent development for global careers

Products and Solutions

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Meet our leaders

Meet our leaders : Srimathi Shivashankar

“At Career ShaperTM, we leverage HCLTech's expertise in tech services to drive innovation in the tech learning sector. Our comprehensive products and platforms facilitate talent management and mobility, empowering enterprises, talent development institutions and governments to harness the potential of technology for progress and growth.”

Srimathi Shivashankar

CVP and Global Head
EdTech Services Business
Srimathi Shivashankar

Meet Our Clients

Ambika Natarajan

Head, Customer Success
EdTech Services Business

Ambika Natarajan

Harshavardhan Gokhale

Head, Technology
EdTech Services Business

Harshavardhan Gokhale

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