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A Future of Opportunities

Right now you’re likely recovering from weak prices, asset misalignment and productivity inefficiencies.

But fundamental challenges remain.

Competition from non-fossil fuel companies. Capital constraints and asset maintenance. Global regulations and a push towards sustainability.

The need for collaboration and data-driven decision-making is more urgent than ever.

Optimize costs and operational efficiencies and maximize organizational competencies with solutions developed from our deep understanding of the oil and gas value chain.

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Fueling the Future of Oil and Gas

Challenges continue related to competition from non-fossil fuel resources, ever-changing regulations, sustainable cost efficiencies and asset maintenance.

At the same time, the processes and systems involved in exploration, production, refinement, marketing and retail distribution in oil and gas are highly complex and capital-intensive, requiring state-of-the-art technology.

Drawing on decades of industry experience, HCLTech understands the unique oil and gas value chain, and we bring the expertise to help our clients succeed.

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The exploration and production sector is focused on finding and producing hydrocarbons to meet the growing global demand. Upstream O&G companies have a history of valuing worker safety in the harsh environments of exploration and drilling activities. To continue improving worker safety, Upstream O&G companies leverage digital technologies to improve existing processes and enable remote monitoring.

In these times of volatility, companies that operate in the oil fields like upstream, midstream and oilfield equipment and services (OFS) organizations are focusing on increasing asset utilization to optimize cost. During peak times, asset tracking and increasing utilization are top of mind as managers struggle to capture as much demand as possible. During downtimes, coping with excess capacity and underutilized resources can mean the difference between achieving success and merely surviving.



Midstream companies continuously face operational and maintenance challenges related to assets — like pipelines, transport vessels, gas plants and compression stations — as they struggle to manage and control such diverse operations efficiently. Accounting, reporting and compliance requirements must be tracked and all divergences accounted for. Many organizations also face the challenge of integrating trading operations into their accounting and supply systems.



Refineries present diverse challenges due to their complex operations, assets, integrity requirements and compressed operating margins. Maintenance, shutdowns, start-ups and changeovers must be carefully planned, scheduled and executed with precise coordination between employees and contract crews. The secondary distribution of O&G products demands visibility into all aspects of operations in order to deliver maximum profitability. Diligent planning is needed to ensure storage, transfer and transportation meet customer demands.

Reinventing the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry for 45+ Years

HCLTech understands the unique oil and gas value chain and provides solutions spanning complex engineering in the upstream and customer-responsive business solutions in the retail and marketing segments.

Our domain-rich experience and capabilities in digital transformation, IoT, automation, analytics and artificial intelligence help unlock value for organizations on their transformation journeys.

HCLTech is highly regarded globally in the niche area of business benefits-led outsourcing programs, offering our clients committed year-on-year productivity, as well as not only common IT SLAs and KPIs but also on the unique key indicators that drive the oil and gas industry.

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