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Digital Workplace Services: Shaping the Modern Workplace

Supercharging the Fluid Future of Work

The workplace is going through a disruption. Thanks to the pace of technological progress, new patterns of work and the dynamic labor market. To evolve with this change, enterprises need to focus more on employee well-being. They need to create equitable experiences for desk, remote and frontline workers, and embrace hybrid workplace models that promote sustainability, inclusivity, engagement and learning.

HCLTech Digital Workplace Services helps you build a hyper-personalized, empathetic and adaptive workplace. We bring technology and people together so you can create workplaces that foster collaboration and productivity, establish a culture that is transparent and open and deliver a seamless experience to your employees anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Our Partnership

At HCLTech, we lead digital workplace transformation through strategic alliances with industry leaders, bolstering workplace management and digital strategy. Our collaborative ethos delivers bespoke solutions, seamlessly integrating to unlock transformative outcomes for your business.

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Our Innovative Workplace Transformation Services

Our modern workplace strategies and user-centric services enhance workforce dexterity and facilitate collaborative and secure work across virtual and other environments for enterprises.

IT Enablement and Service Desk

The demand for IT service desk support is increasing exponentially, necessitating personalized, omnichannel experiences for Millennials and diverse workforces. HCLTech manages 30M+ IT service desk contacts annually for 250+ clients, enhancing efficiency through automation, preemptive resolutions, and accelerated Windows migrations. They offer world-class desktop network lifecycle management services.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

Global enterprises are adopting flexible hybrid work models, requiring enhanced capabilities for meetings, messaging, voice and video calling, content sharing, bots and business workflow integration. At HCLTech, UCC services guide enterprises in selecting the ideal tools to streamline the transition to a flexible work culture, while ensuring compliance with workplace standards.

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Workplace Assessment

Our digital workplace assessment service that helps enterprises develop a modern workplace.

  • Empowering you with a scientific way of segregating user profiles using real-time data analytics
  • Providing visibility into every aspect of your workplace — and helping to create a modern workplace for each profile
  • Rendering fit-for-purpose digital workplace solutions, devices and services to all end users


Workplace Automation

Workplace expectations have evolved due to device flexibility, connectivity, and automation. IT teams face challenges like monitoring devices, resolving complaints and CSAT scores.

WorkblazeTM and OptiBot offer digital end-user experience monitoring tools and managed workplace optimization, enhancing UX and reducing IT burden.

Mobility Services

HCLTech Managed Mobility Services offers a modern XLA-based strategy for businesses, transforming the workplace mobility experience by unifying devices, applications, data and identity and security management, addressing the evolving mobile ecosystem.

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Cloud Office

Globalization has led to a need for secure collaboration, email management and cloud workplace services. HCLTech offers tailored solutions to overcome challenges like storage limitations, SPAM and high expenses, enhancing productivity, operational efficiency and cost optimization for clients.

  • Kaleidoscope - IT User Profile Management Solution
  • Cloud evaluation for workloads
  • Design and migration services
  • Email communication management

Partner Perspective

User experience should not differ due to change of endpoint devices. The whole solution should be agile, energy-efficient and sustainable.

Source- The Era of Hybrid Working with Security and Sustainability – IDC Whitepaper

Piyush Shrivastava

Piyush Shrivastava

Director, Global System Integrators, Citrix

The value proposition of DaaS makes a lot of sense to IT executives who are trying to manage a hybrid or remote workforce. The wrinkle is that it is not easy to make a wholesale transition from purchasing or leasing your IT devices to having someone manage them.

Source – Device as a Service: The Organizational Uniter – HBR Whitepaper

Linn Huang

Linn Huang

Research Vice President , IDC

In some cases, DaaS service contracts can run three or six months, as opposed to the three years that is traditional in leasing agreements. In situations that call for flexibility and agility, the difference between three months and three years can be critical.

Source – Device as a Service: The Organizational Uniter – HBR Whitepaper

Shannon Kalvar

Shannon Kalvar

Research Director, IDC

Rather than just being a support service, DaaS is becoming a value generator for the business.

Source – Device as a Service: The Organizational Uniter – HBR Whitepaper

Iain Fisher

Iain Fisher

Director and Global lead for future of work, ISG


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Our workplace consulting services provide user-centric digital workplace solutions, enhancing workforce dexterity and facilitating collaborative and secure work across virtual and other environments for enterprises.

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HCLTech recognized as a Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™, 2024
Outsourced Digital Workplace Services

HCLTech positioned as a Leader in The Gartner® Magic Quadrant™, 2023
Outsourced Digital Workplace Services

HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Everest Group PEAK Matrix®, 2023
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HCLTech positioned as a Leader in IDC MarketScape 2023
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Get expert insights from thought leaders on digital workplace strategy and solutions. Learn about the latest trends and best practices to help you build an effective digital workplace for your organization.

Digital Workplace FAQs

Gartner defines Digital Workplace as one that enables new, more effective ways of working; raises employee engagement and agility; and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.

The benefits of a digital workplace include increased productivity, improved collaboration and flexibility in work arrangements.

Digital workplace models include five basic components: communication, security, storage, analytics and management. Having a digital workplace doesn’t necessitate having all components, just the ones needed to navigate a specific workday.

Digital workplace solutions can integrate any number of devices, software and hardware. A digital workplace can be as simple as email and instant messaging, virtual meeting tools, cloud resources like storage and processing and shared social media or business applications.

Workplace as a service (WaaS) is an extension of software as a service model to workplace devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, monitors and projectors, i.e., everything a worker needs to accomplish tasks at the workplace.

Digital workplace tools are software applications and technology platforms that are aimed to improve the quality of work life, making it easier and more efficient.

Digital has impacted ways of working and brought many changes to the workplace but a majority of these have offered new opportunities, made work life better and equipped the workforce with better tools to manage day-to-day tasks.