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Analyst Recognitions

Analyst Recognitions


Today, HCL is uniquely positioned to offer an integrated portfolio of offerings to build resilient enterprises for the coming decade of technology-driven disruption. Our unique blend of capabilities, backed by our success in building resilient enterprises, firmly positions us as one of the most reliable partners in the IT services sector.

Leading industry analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Everest, Avasant , HFS , ISG, Zinnov and many more recognize our continuous strategic evolution and deep-rooted strength in enabling business and technology transformation across industries. Take a peek at what analysts are saying about us today, where we stand on their competitive assessments, and why we are the go-to partner for enterprises seeking accelerated growth.

Analyst Recognitions

IT and Business Services

We have the global professional services footprint to assemble and integrate solutions that fit precise business needs to operate and transform the enterprise. Our comprehensive, mature suite of end-to-end offerings address the traditional and emerging transformational needs of large enterprises. These constitute the most comprehensive offerings in the industry and are aligned to the three critical building blocks of NextGen enterprises – Digital Foundation, Digital Business and Digital Operations.

Engineering and R&D Services

An intrinsic R&D mindset and engineering expertise to create new, bespoke, and forward-looking technology IP and solutions are coded in our organizational DNA. We partner with global enterprises in accelerating product development by leveraging the latest technologies, monetizing product services and providing immersive customer experiences. ERS offers global engineering services across the product lifecycle – from conceptualization, design, engineering and sustenance to new product introduction across varied products and platforms.

Products and Platforms

Our ecosystem of IP partnerships and organic software products and platforms are implemented via web services at enterprise scale. P&P is relentlessly innovating a rich portfolio of 20+ product families with product labs and sales organizations around the world. Our Products & Platforms segment comprises the HCL Software Division, Actian software, and an IP partnership with DXC. In addition, our Mode 3 portfolio of IP-led offerings includes DRYiCE™ Software, HCL’s leading solution for enterprise automation and AI-based transformation initiatives, and certain IPs from our Engineering & R&D Services portfolio.

News & Insights

Stay in the know of how we help clients advance their competitive positions and capture growth in every industry and country, each and every day. Discover innovative ways of thinking, working, and leading in the coming decade of technology-driven disruption.

News & Case studies



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Case studies



Leading industry analysts who consult and provide advice to Fortune 500 companies on thought leadership and informational technology buying decisions in IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Digital Transformation place a high level of trust in HCL’s consulting capabilities and IT solution expertise. HCL currently stands tall with more than 200 leadership rankings across the board, covering key IT consulting, strategy, and digitalization needs of today’s enterprises. To know more about how HCL helps enterprises enhance their digital footprint, click here.

Industry analysts and business consulting advisors have recognized HCL for a wide range of services that encompass IoT, AI, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Change Management, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, and many more areas. HCL has been recognized for nearly all the verticals it covers including Financial Services, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, and CPG. Our IT services have also been recognized by the partnerships backing them— Oracle, Salesforce, AWS Cloud, and Adobe— to name a few. To know more about our latest recognitions, click here.

Industry analyst firms across the board, including Gartner, Forrester, IDC, ISG, Avasant, Everest Group, HFS Research, and Zinnov have recognized HCL for its capabilities and peer feedback. In the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for DCO and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, HCL was recognized as a Leader in North America for the 10th consecutive time and in Europe for the 5th consecutive time. To know more about these recognitions and our Analyst Relations, click here.