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Powering a Sustainable Future

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Regulations and demands for sustainable energy. Erratic weather patterns.

The energy and utilities industry is experiencing a rapid evolution driven by outside forces.

Innovation through genAI and transformation have become inevitable — and imperative.

Understanding emerging technologies will be vital, providing opportunities for energy and utilities enterprises to capitalize on the changing energy landscape.

Become a hyper-connected enterprise with sustainable engagement models, improved digital adoption and data insights-driven operations.


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Fueling the Future of Energy and Utilities Companies

We bring innovative industry technology solutions — like cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), generative AI (GenAI), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and human-centered automation — to various sectors within energy and utilities.

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Electric utilities

Electric utilities

Delivering reliable, safe, secure and affordable power is an increasingly complex task. Utilities must respond to shifting customer expectations, the challenges of updating aging infrastructure, increasingly extreme weather events and accelerating momentum toward decarbonization and renewable energy.


Unlock data value, engage customers' visions, modernize infrastructure for resilience and digitization, accelerate electric vehicle (EV) programs, secure the grid and manage innovative energy resources for success.

Gas utilities

Gas utilities

Demand for natural gas is evolving. From the push to move away from fossil fuels and the ongoing introduction of renewable energies to utilities contemplating a future in which hydrogen represents a significant energy source, change is knocking at the door of every gas utility.


Engage customers with transparency and ease, digitize aging gas utility infrastructures, maximize employee productivity and engagement, adapt to regulations and unlock data value through an analytics center of excellence.

Water utilities

Water utilities

Water utilities face a host of challenges in a changing environment, not the least of which is a resounding need to modernize infrastructure during the age of conservation. This calls for innovative approaches.


Establish analytics capabilities to enable better decision-making for you and your customers, safeguard your data and business operations with a robust cybersecurity strategy focused on resilience and develop effective, long-term strategies to uplift and support communities in need.

Helping the Energy and Utilities Industry Grow with Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

The energy and utilities sector is experiencing significant changes due to ESG initiatives, compliance mandates and consumer demand.

Our UVision framework helps businesses embrace emerging technologies and achieve sustainable engagement models in areas like digitization, automation and data insights-driven decision-making.

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HCLTech’s Digital Core

Since our beginnings in the 70s as a plucky tech start-up, we understand that great outcomes begin with a solid foundation of curiosity, knowledge and ingenuity.

Our digital core is built upon the fundamentals of a strong consultative approach, an eye on business outcomes and a drive to supercharge progress for our clients in everything we do.

Powering the future of intelligent insights and decision-making, our digital and analytics team will help you unlock the full potential of your data, propelling your business towards a successful future.

Data and Analytics

Connecting things, data, processes and people, our “Define, Build and Run” offerings and IoT solutions cater to organizations at different IoT adoption levels.

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Elevate the user experience, boost uptime and eliminate tech debt with HCLTech’s application services. See around the corner to achieve enterprise-level operational resilience.

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DRYiCE focuses on building products for transforming and simplifying IT and business operations by leveraging the power of AI and cloud.

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Our infrastructure management services carry some of the most impressive credentials in the IT vendor landscape. We have executed complex global IT transformation exercises and helped run efficient IT services for many of the world’s leading companies.

Digital Foundation

HCLTech is a leading Engineering and Research firm. We work with all the leading Utility industry OEMs in various capacities including a great understanding and appreciation of their products that is key to the digitization of the grid.


HCLTech Digital Process Operations (DPO) digital services and solutions are reimagining the role of technology from a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of digital innovation and fueling business performance.

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