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Make your supply chain resilient, sustainable and future-ready

Global supply chains are more complex and susceptible to change than ever before. On one hand, new technologies are bringing disruption at an unprecedented speed and scale, on the other, organizations are constantly under pressure to become more efficient. Then, there is always a possibility of the next global event that can push businesses to completely rethink the way they manage their supply chains. Last but not least, sustainability is now at the core of every supply chain strategy. In a nutshell, if you are a supply chain leader, you are in the middle of a large-scale transition. We can be of assistance.

Our comprehensive suite of industry-leading solutions can provide the tools and expertise required to re-imagine your supply chain management (SCM). Our focus is always on delivering superior value to our clients and helping them achieve a competitive edge in the market.

Make your supply chain resilient, sustainable and future-ready

A comprehensive suite of industry-leading supply chain solutions

We leverage a vast range of our proprietary solutions and accelerators to assist supply chain leaders in enhancing stakeholder experience and delivering outcomes across the SCM transformation value chain.


digitalCOLLEAGUE is HCLTech's domain-led, role-based, single-UI platform that enables businesses to utilize a truly digital workforce.


PROVATE is a next-generation transformation framework, that identifies automation and transformation opportunities and defines risk and controls to streamline complex processes.


Toscana is our Business Process Management (BPM) suite that drives enterprise-wide digital transformation.


SCORP is a supply chain workflow platform to automate order management and fulfillment process.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA helps supply chain leaders transform their strategic business processes and build foundations of future scale and success.


iMPACT Operations Command Center (OCC) is an AI-driven solution that can provide actionable real-time intelligence and predictive insights across business processes.


EXACTO™ is an intelligent character recognition product that uses deep neural networking and NLP to automate data extraction and can be utilized for contract management, digitization and invoice processing.

iMPACT analytics

Assists our clients in optimizing growth strategies and delivering personalized experiences by providing key insights around customer and vendor behavior and purchasing and selling patterns.


From consulting to implementation of a resilient, future-ready and sustainable supply chain

Demand and supply planning services

We help our clients in demand and supply planning, inventory optimization, and sales and operations planning . We have helped our clients achieve benefits such as improving forecasting accuracy, stockout reduction and inventory cost reduction

Source-to-pay (S2P) services

We provide the full spectrum of services, including upstream category management, advanced analytics, market intelligence, sourcing, contracting as well as downstream procure to pay. We have reduced the cost of operations, improved productivity, and increased the annual spend savings for our clients

Engineering Support and Asset Monitoring services

We provide end-to-end engineering business services to existing and prospective customers. With our product life cycle management support, IoT-based asset monitoring proactive alerts on asset maintenance requirements, preventive and predictive maintenance, uptime center control tower operations services, HCLTech has reduced the cost of operations, given full visibility on real-time decisions, and maximized productivity of front-line employees

Order management and fulfillment services

Our gamut of order management and fulfillment services optimize revenue with enhanced experience and smart technologies. Our touchless, lean, and agile process design ensures 100% visibility across operations accompanied by smart automation, mobile solutions and business insights, resulting in a reduction in the cost of order management operations and improved end-customer satisfaction levels

After market services

Our smart, intelligent and efficient after market services cut across the value chain and help our client improve some of the complex key issues faced today, including inventory, procurement spend, network, process optimization and Pricing and terms management. With our digitalCOLLEAGUE enabled real-time aftermarket planning and execution, we ensure improvement in CSAT, real-time query resolution, and automation of manual/repetitive activities

Supply chain risk and analytics services

Our analytics services help businesses manage risks, reduce manual complex work, make informative decisions, and take corrective measures through performance visibility and intelligent insights driven by rationalizing and automating reports, forecasting, and budgeting activities and intelligent analytics for accurate forecasting and variance identification and management.

ESG in supply chain management

Organizations are increasingly focusing on the sustainability and environmental impact of supply chain operations. Sustainability practices enable organizations to reduce cost, reduce risk and improve top-line. The gamut of our services includes assessment and advisory, managed services, and technology solutions. With our sustainability solutions, we aim to empower organizations to integrate ESG principles into their supply chain operations, enhance transparency, and drive sustainable practices across their supply chains.

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