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As we work together to propel some of the world’s best-known businesses into the future, we help candidates at all levels enhance their skills, gain a distinct advantage and supercharge their potential.

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At HCLTech, experience fuels experience. Experienced professionals will join a community of people who are shaping the future of technology. Your skills, experience and perspective will supercharge our business units with industry-leading technology services and human insight, unlocking innovation and value for our clients. Do what you love in an environment that will supercharge the industry and your career.

From College to Career in a Single Spark.

Careers are not built by simply landing a job. They’re built by landing a job that fuels your spirit and supercharges your potential. HCLTech is designed to help you find your spark and shape your career. A first job at HCLTech means discovering new opportunities, diverse career paths and unique experiences that put you at the center of technology, innovation and personal and professional growth. Find your spark here and launch your career.

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High School Career Launcher

High School Career Launcher.

As an aspiring tech professional, you shouldn’t have to wait until college to supercharge your future. Our Early Career Program creates new career pathways for high school-aged students, delivering comprehensive technical instruction, hands-on training, mentorship and wraparound support. The program allows curious, motivated learners to open the door to a full-time tech job, even before college. Upon completion of the program, you’ll become a regular employee of HCLTech with an offer of tuition assistance that allows you to fund your higher education with financial support from HCLTech.

Taking a Break From Work Shouldn’t Break Your Career.

No matter the reason, career breaks are often necessary and, if you return to the right environment, they can lead to even more productive careers. Our Returnship Program makes coming back to work less overwhelming and far more supportive. We welcome our 'Returners' with open arms, matching you with the perfect job and making sure this career return is just the beginning of a long and rewarding journey with us.

Taking a Break From Work Shouldn’t Break Your Career

Find Your Spark

HCLTech is a globally recognized leader in the tech and IT industry, but we’ve never forgotten the startup mindset that got us here. We’ve always approached our work with an idea-first attitude because every one of our accomplishments —no matter how big or small —can be traced back to an idea’s single spark.

It’s that spark —that inner drive —that sets our people apart from our competitors. It enables us not just to pull off game-changing feat after game-changing feat but to better our world in the process. We want you to find your spark. Because that’s what drives you to be better, be more and, ultimately, be more fulfilled.

Find Your Spark Mobile

At HCLTech, you’ll supercharge your potential. You’ll find your career. And you’ll find your spark. All at a place that knows that helping our clients stay on top starts by putting our people first. We offer:

Career opportunities on your terms

Career opportunities on your terms

Enriching job experiences

Enriching job experiences

An employment that you can trust in

An employment that you can trust in

A diverse, international culture that values your whole self

A diverse, international culture that values your whole self

why join us

Our People-Centric Culture

Our People-Centric Culture

Our People-centric Culture

We are admired as a top employer around the world and offer a global scale you can rely on. We recognize talent and empower people with new capabilities. We cheer you on with advice as you explore your path in a supportive and inclusive culture. We enable our leaders to scale in new domains and territories. We focus on next-gen capabilities and talents and provide learning opportunities at all levels. We give our people the freedom and flexibility to find their spark and grow in their own unique ways.

Hiring process

Putting people first begins the moment we meet. Tell us about your skills and aspirations. Explore job opportunities that speak to your journey.

Search for job postings that match your skills and interests. Submit your resume with complete credentials.
Our dedicated team reviews your application. We will contact you for further details if your credentials match our requirements.
This is a golden opportunity to highlight your skills. Interview questions span disciplines and may include out-of-the-box queries, puzzles and problems.
Here's our chance to know each other. We want to understand your goals, skills, strengths, interests and more. You can quiz the recruiter about anything you wish to know about the position or HCLTech as an organization.
If the outcome is positive, we'll present you with an offer that includes a compensation structure and official information related to employment at HCLTech.

Business Units

Digital Animated


HCLTech’s end-to-end Digital offerings enable enterprises to increase business resilience, improve operational efficiency and deepen client engagement.

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Engineering Animated


HCLTech Engineering and R&D services (ERS) empower enterprises to improve time-to-profit, accelerate product development and maximize return on innovation.

Explore our Engineering Services
Cloud Animated


HCLTech’s exclusive CloudSMART offerings and services enable organizations to optimize cloud to accelerate innovation and agility at scale.

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AI Animated


HCLTech empowers organizations across industries to identify and seize opportunities to leverage AI and GenAI to automate and accelerate business processes.

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Meet Our People

At HCLTech, we embrace great thinking wherever it comes from, regardless of title or position. The spark a colleague brings to the table energizes the company and drives individual growth and mobility.

Every day, more than 219,000 people are creating moments of pride for their industries, clients, teams and themselves. Here’s what some of them have to say about how HCLTech is helping them find their spark.

Meet Our People:Prashant 1
Meet Our People:Prashant 2
Meet Our People:Prashant 3

At HCLTech, I've had multiple opportunities to elevate my technical skills through academy programs. This has helped me tackle numerous assignments that have been both critical and interesting. The learning opportunities the organization has provided me over the years have helped me grow professionally and keep me highly motivated.

Prashant HCLTech India
Meet Our People:Priyanka
Meet Our People:Priyanka 1
Meet Our People:Priyanka 2

I'm a living example of HCLTech's promise to empower lives. After my accident, HCLTech made me feel I could still live independently; the entire campus is accessible. From my job interview onwards, I've never been allowed to feel different. Here, "inclusion and diversity" are not just words on the corporate agenda; they're part of the company's DNA.

Priyanka HCLTech India
Meet Our People:Dominik 1
Meet Our People:Dominik 2
Meet Our People:Dominik 3

A healthy life-work balance is extremely important, and being a husband and father is even more so for me. I’m incredibly grateful to HCLTech for letting me maintain that balance, even as our office has grown exponentially from 250 employees to a team of 1,600+ colleagues from different regions around the world.

Dominik HCLTech Krakow
Meet Our People:Yasmine 1
Meet Our People:Yasmine 2
Meet Our People:Yasmine 3

I joined HCLTech to further my career doing something I love. At HCLTech, you can express yourself and pursue your career in anything the company offers. I’ve improved immensely in both my personal and professional skills. My time management has skyrocketed and I’m much more confident when speaking in a professional setting.

Yasmine HCLTech USA
Meet Our People:David 1
Meet Our People:David 2
Meet Our People:David 3

I wanted to learn and grow in terms of both my technological skills and people skills. Working at HCLTech provides me with the best benefits I've ever had professionally. I'm grateful for the opportunity and want to contribute to the best of my ability.

David HCLTech USA
Meet Our People:Alfisha 1
Meet Our People:Alfisha 2
Meet Our People:Alfisha 3

Thanks to the TechBee program, I started working at HCLTech after completing my studies. The culture of empathy and encouragement is truly inspirational. I'm proud to work in an organization with such strong human values and to be able to improve the lives of the specially-abled by working on accessibility projects.

Alfisha HCLTech India
Meet Our People:Juan Manuel 1
Meet Our People:Juan Manuel 2
Meet Our People:Juan Manuel 3

I've had great leaders at HCLTech who helped shape my career. My experience motivated me to pay it forward and help others grow. HCLTech is committed to helping its people become the best version of themselves. I'm proud to be working at a company that's so inspiring and empowering.

Juan Manuel HCLTech Mexico
Meet Our People:Guillermina 1
Meet Our People:Guillermina 2
Meet Our People:Guillermina 3

I've always been passionate about solving problems. Over the last five years at HCLTech, I've applied this passion to my daily work —from organizing all aspects of essential projects to using my problem-solving skills to face day-to-day challenges.

Guillermina HCLTech Mexico
Meet Our People:Marlon 1
Meet Our People:Marlon 2
Meet Our People:Marlon 3

I’m proud to work at HCLTech. I joined because they offer excellent growth and learning opportunities. The application process was smooth and I’m enjoying my apprenticeship. I’ve learned how to code correctly and work as part of a team, and I think that will benefit me for the rest of my career.

Marlon HCLTech USA

Step Up Your Career with Our Community of Mentors

At HCLTech, our success is supercharged by the incredible talent of our people. We believe that mentorship is the cornerstone of professional growth. That’s why we’ve created MentorMe, an innovative global mentoring program that transcends borders and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

MentorMe leverages AI to pair mentors and mentees based on their skills, interests and goals. Whether you are an experienced professional or in the early stages of your career, when you join us, you have an opportunity to become an integral part of our 21,000+ ever-growing mentoring community enabling you to seek career guidance, advice on your chosen area of expertise, personal growth and/or scale your impact by sharing knowledge and experience with others.

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HCLTech offers several job openings in specialty occupations that qualify for the US Department of Labor's H-1B Visa program —Labor Condition Application (LCA).

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