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Evolving consumer expectations, global connectivity, digitization and data are changing the way enterprises compete and behave. In order to help organisations thrive in this constantly shifting environment, HCL works with some of the world’s leading technology providers to address your complex operational and business challenges, and help meet new market demands.

These dynamic ecosystems of market leaders and innovators empower us not only to create special value for our clients today but also to innovate for the future. Thus, it’s a collaboration designed to drive lasting value and accelerate digital transformation across your enterprise by bringing together our world-class innovation and deep partner expertise.

Strategic Alliance Partner Ecosystem

With a focus on Cloud and AI/ML, HCL drives – through strategic business units – partnerships with the world’s leading technology firms to create new and differentiated IPs/solutions and accelerate the digital journey of its clients.

Our vast experience and business acumen coupled with these dynamic innovators enable us to solve your business problems so you don’t just survive—but thrive—in a world that is constantly changing.

Accelerating across HCL segments – The Ecosystem Operating Model
Accelerating across HCL segments

Start-up Ecosystem

Redefining partnership paradigms, HCL cultivates a unique and innovative ecosystem – consisting of start-ups, venture capitalists and trade missions from across the globe – that generates solutions which can ultimately be leveraged by our clients. A key differentiator is HCL’s own start-up accelerator and innovation platform, the eSTiP. It enables co-creation through an open innovation model. Undertaken by HCL Enterprise Technology Office (ETO), this platform industrializes innovation and fosters deep collaboration among various stakeholders through a systematic and scaled approach for idea funnel management, prototyping, deployment and commercialization.

Start-up Ecosystem

Industry Ecosystem

In line with its belief in the benefits of a collaborative world, HCL is affiliated with and contributes to numerous large industry forums and foundations. These initiatives are orchestrated via HCL Enterprise Technology Office (ETO) and Cloud Native Labs. These include the World Economic Forum (WEF), The OpenGroup, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and CloudFoundry Foundation, among others.

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