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Powering Business Transformation with Technology Excellence

Elevate your organization's digital evolution with our cutting-edge technology solutions. Whether you're driving digital transformation or seeking complete connectivity across global IT and OT landscapes, our experienced team accelerates your journey. Tailored to your business goals, we minimize risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring swift concept-to-deployment timelines. Leverage our off-the-shelf capabilities and solution frameworks for rapid application development. Transform your business through our integrated operations platform, harnessing enterprise information and top-notch platform support services

Powering Business Transformation with Technology Excellence

Industry NeXT: Igniting Sustainable, Resilient Business Excellence and Growth

Considering the foremost priorities of today's organizations, our Industry NeXT framework is built on six pillars encompassing supply chain, connectivity, manufacturing, experience, convergence, and sustainability. Each pillar leverages our suite of pre-built solutions, frameworks, deployable products, and is supported by a proficient and experienced team. This ensures a comprehensive approach to swiftly implement digital transformation initiatives.

Net Zero Intelligent Operations (NIO)

Flagship sustainability focused energy and GHG emission management solution

Real-time Manufacturing Insights (RMI)

Predictive and prescriptive analytics solution giving operational visibility from shop floor to top floor

Dynamic Ecosystem of Connected Devices (DECoDe)

Device management solution to manage, monitor, configure, and troubleshoot IoT devices remotely

Realtime In-premise Insights (RII)

Capturing accurate real-time data to track key shopper touchpoints within a retail space

Intelligent Secure Edge (ISE) for Smart Cities

A collaborative platform that brings together citizens, communities and authorities as a virtual network, powered by Artificial Intelligence, Edge, Wi-Fi 6, 5G and other next-gen technologies to drive proactive responses

Smart Integrated Operations (SIO)

Digital Convergence Center for IT and OT environments enabling a centralized management of ecosystems

Worker Safety

Novel cloud-based solution that enables the safety of occupational workers to reduce workplace hazards

Smart Material Tracking (SMT)

IoT-based track and trace solution providing scalable and automated inventory management solution within facilities.

Decentralized Clinical Trails (DCT)

End-to-end integrated digital solution enabling traditional clinical trials lifecycle while keeping the convenience and comfort of the trial subjects

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