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At HCLTech, you’ll supercharge your potential. You’ll find your career. And you’ll find your spark. All at a place that knows that helping its customers stay on top starts by putting its people first. We offer:

Career opportunities on your terms

Career opportunities on your terms

Enriching job experiences

Enriching job experiences

An employment that you can trust in

An employment that you can trust in

A diverse, international culture that values your whole self

A diverse, international culture that values your whole self

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Find Your Best Path

Years of experience or just getting started, you’ll find an ignition point here. Choose your pathway below—and start what can become the journey of lifetime.

Learn More   High school graduate

High school graduates

College isn’t for everyone. For those looking to dive right into a new world of opportunity, our TechBee program after Class XII might be right for you.

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College graduates

College graduates

Advance into a career built on your terms—and discover all we can offer, including learning opportunities, global projects, and the freedom to explore.

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Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

If you’re looking for new opportunities to ignite—or reignite—your career, your experience matters here. Discover how you can begin to make a difference.

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Going back to work after taking a break can be overwhelming, but our Returnship program can help you feel self-assured while pursuing your personal and professional aspirations.

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In 1976, there were only 250 computers in India. It was then that Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL, led a team of eight young people who passionately believed in the power of information technology. From that vision, grew a global enterprise that redefined the Indian IT industry.

Today, HCLTech—which spun off as a separate unit in 1991—is one of the leading IT service providers worldwide, with a revenue of $13.4 billion. But while we may be a globally recognized leader in the tech and IT industry, we’ve never forgotten the start-up mindset that got us here.

We’ve always approached our work with an idea-first attitude because every one of our accomplishments—no matter how big or small—can be traced back to an idea’s single spark.

It’s that spark, that inner drive, that sets our people apart from our competitors. It enables us not just to pull off game-changing feat after game-changing feat but to better our world in the process.

Meet Our People

At HCLTech, we want all our people to find their spark. If one has an idea, there are ears ready to hear it. If one has a project, there’s a team ready to drive it forward. Every voice matters at HCLTech. Let’s listen to some of them.

Meet Our People:Kathiravan Ravivarman 1
Meet Our People:Kathiravan Ravivarman 2
Meet Our People:Kathiravan Ravivarman 3

I have worked on different medical products including new product development from scratch. When I go to hospitals and see how these products are impacting people's lives, it gives me immense pleasure and happiness that I have been associated with working on such cutting-edge technology at HCLTech.

Kathiravan Ravivarman HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Jaysri Bandi 1
Meet Our People: Jaysri Bandi 2
Meet Our People: Jaysri Bandi 3

In terms of recognition, working at HCLTech itself is a significant motivation. I've received HCLTech CEO Club's recognition. To my female colleagues: Forge unwavering credibility, nurture your unique brand and values, believe in the ecosystem, trust in yourself, and have unwavering faith in your team. This empowerment paves the way for unparalleled excellence.

Jaysri Bandi HCLTech India
Meet Our People:Uttara Chopra
Meet Our People:Uttara Chopra 2
Meet Our People:Uttara Chopra 3

I received the much needed flexibility and support at a critical juncture in my life which not only helped me do well at work but thrive. I am happy to say that I have multiple mentors here. If you are willing to raise your hand and commit to a cause, you will get the leadership support for it and that is how you can bring your spark and your passion to work.

Uttara Chopra HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Koshangi Dua 1
Meet Our People: Koshangi Dua 2
Meet Our People: Koshangi Dua 3

Learning about professional skills at an early age helped me build my confidence. TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program has allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone and develop my career path.

Koshangi Dua HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Ashish and Nidhi 1
Meet Our People: Ashish and Nidhi 2
Meet Our People: Ashish and Nidhi 3

HCLTech’s flexible work environment has provided me the opportunity to explore the latest and greatest IT technologies via there learning and leadership programs.
Being part of a globally connected team with diversified skillset and culture, getting into different roles, receiving multiple technical and leadership skills training, I believe I am a better version of myself.

Ashish and Nidhi HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Vijayendra and Swapnil 1
Meet Our People: Vijayendra and Swapnil 2
Meet Our People: Vijayendra and Swapnil 3

I was recognized as an outstanding performer and was rewarded by our CEO. Culture at HCLTech supercharges us to perform better and look beyond.
I was awarded as the best people manager, and my team was awarded as the best team of the year. The culture at HCLTech supercharges me to work with passion each and every day.

Vijayendra and Swapnil HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Vidhi Bajaj 1
Meet Our People: Vidhi Bajaj 2
Meet Our People: Vidhi Bajaj 3

At HCLTech, nowhere, I felt that being a mother hindered my progress towards technology or towards the solutions we are building upon. That also helped me understand that right now, I am in the right path of raising a child along with my passion towards technology. My children look upon me rather than their father for technical stuff.

Vidhi Bajaj HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Binita and Gopal 1
Meet Our People: Binita and Gopal 2
Meet Our People: Binita and Gopal 3

I am passionate to learn about new technologies being developed across the globe. HCLTech encourages us to be innovative and implement new ideas.
I was part of a very small group of mechanical engineering services where it was more like a startup, and I was able to increase my team size from about 10 to 400 members .

Binita and Gopal HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Priyanka Srivastava 1
Meet Our People: Priyanka Srivastava 2
Meet Our People: Priyanka Srivastava 3

I'm a living example of HCLTech's promise to empower lives. After my accident, HCLTech made me feel I could still live independently; the entire campus is accessible. From my job interview onwards, I've never been allowed to feel different. Here, "inclusion and diversity" are not words on the corporate agenda; they're part of the company's DNA.

Priyanka Srivastava HCLTech India
Meet Our People: Praveen and Manjunath 1
Meet Our People: Praveen and Manjunath 2
Meet Our People: Praveen and Manjunath 3

Our journey with HCLTech has been fantastic. During our journey, we have been part of a various value creation initiatives.
Our inspiration behind our value idea has been the Ideapreneurship culture that HCLTech has in its DNA.

Praveen and Manjunath HCLTech India
Meet Our People:Prakriti Khar 1
Meet Our People:Prakriti Khar 2
Meet Our People:Prakriti Khar 3

At HCLTech, we give a platform to each HCLite to give back to the society and to give back to the planet. We have an excellent mentor support here through the leadership at HCL Foundation. HCLTech has great visionaries. I feel as HCLites it is our duty and it is our ingrained sense of passion that we must supercharge progress together.

Prakriti Khar HCLTech India
Meet Our People:Shailesh Awale 1
Meet Our People:Shailesh Awale 2
Meet Our People:Shailesh Awale 3

HCLTech New Vistas strategy is all about taking jobs to the locations where our employees belong. HCLTech Nagpur is the youngest, largest and fastest-growing New Vistas center.

Shailesh Awale HCLTech Nagpur
Meet Our People: Shiva Prasad 1
Meet Our People: Shiva Prasad 2
Meet Our People: Shiva Prasad 3

At HCLTech Vijayawada, while our employees get the opportunity to work on the latest and greatest technologies, we also have platforms for them to pursue their passions. We are the fastest growing New Vistas center, with 43% women employees and all set to grow.

Shiva Prasad HCLTech Vijayawada
Meet Our People: Manish Srivastava 1
Meet Our People: Manish Srivastava 2
Meet Our People: Manish Srivastava 3

HCLTech trusted me with the responsibility of setting up the digital business services at Lucknow. HCLTech Lucknow has given me all the autonomy, flexibility and support. The young and vibrant team in the office rejuvenates me, makes me feel younger and motivates me to come to office everyday.

Manish Srivastava HCLTech Lucknow

How We Hire

Putting people first begins the moment we meet. Tell us about your skills and aspirations. Explore job opportunities that speak to your journey.

Our career section enables you to apply for the job you desire. Submit your resume with a complete list of credentials and provide detailed information about your experience in the position.
A recruiter/technical panel will screen your application. We will contact you for further details if your credentials match our requirements.
The technical interview is a golden opportunity for you to exhibit your technical skills. The questions range across disciplines and may include out-of-the-box questions, puzzles and problems.
Here's our chance to know each other better. We try to understand your career goals, skills, strenghts, passion and more. You can quiz the recruiter about anything you'd like to know about the position or HCLTech as an organization.
Finally, if you are successful, an offer is rolled out along with compensation structure and other rules related to employment at HCLTech

An Unwavering Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe a diversified workforce is both an asset and a real differentiator. HCLTech provides its people with a fair opportunity to attain their full potential in an inclusive environment where they are valued and treated equally and with respect.

These essential components result in increased creativity, productivity, innovation and better business results. As of 31 March 2022, women represented 28% of our global workforce. HCLTech currently employs people from 165 nationalities from many countries where we do business.


Current Openings in India

Job Title Primary Skills Post date Location Experience Action
Group manager Windows Operating System July 12, 2024 Noida 7-12 Years
Senior designer Unigraphics NX July 12, 2024 Bangalore 4.5-8 Years
Project manager i Unigraphics NX July 12, 2024 Bangalore 7-9 Years
Solution architect Others July 12, 2024 Noida 4.5-8 Years
Developer Developer Tools July 11, 2024 Pune 2.5-5 Years
Technical lead Java July 11, 2024 Lucknow
Technical lead Plant Design Management System (PDMS) July 10, 2024 Pune 4.5-8 Years
Engineer AWS Application Migration July 10, 2024 Pune 2.5-5 Years
Engineer DevOps Others July 10, 2024 Pune 0-2.5 Years
Senior consultant IT Architecture July 10, 2024 Noida 7-12 Years
Contractor Linux July 10, 2024 Bangalore
Technical lead T24/Transact July 9, 2024 Pune 4.5-8 Years
Associate consultant APPLE SUPPORT July 9, 2024 Noida 4.5-8 Years
Senior developer Configuration July 9, 2024 Pune 9-11 Years
Sr. technical lead ASP.Net July 9, 2024 Mumbai 4.5-8 Years

HCLTech is Proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and an Affirmative Action Employer

We do not discriminate and do not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, colour, age, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, physical ability, or any other characteristics.

All employment decisions, from hiring to separation, are based on business requirements, candidate merit and qualification, and in compliance with the local law.

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