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Navigate the Ever-changing World of Retail 4.0

Increased automation. Experience-based retail. Data-driven decisions.

You need a retail solutions partner who will guide you through the emerging digital technology landscape and help maximize your return on investment in the right technologies.

Our retail experts will ensure you are providing the hyper-personalized experiences your customers expect from you, avoiding investments in technologies that will become obsolete before delivering results and focusing on building relatable, ethical brands that will take you into the future.

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Unlock Solutions for the Retail Industry

HCLTech’s solutions for the retail industry are driven by an advanced data strategy and industry-leading AI, ML and IoT capabilities.

Elevate your customer engagement

Create the store of tomorrow

Seamlessly engage and personalize your customer’s experience across multiple touchpoints. Harness AI and analytics to enhance the in-store customer experience and empower your store associates.

Streamline your trade effectiveness

Supercharge ecommerce

Next-gen, technology-driven, end-to-end digital solutions can enhance customer experiences, optimize operations and unlock growth. From user-friendly interfaces to personalized recommendations and real-time tracking, we have the tools to elevate your online presence and drive your success.

Enhance your pricing and revenue management

Optimize inventory with AI

Use AI to enable efficient replenishment to optimize inventory levels across omnichannel nodes. Deliver comprehensive assortment management through end-to-end integration, from purchase to replenishment, using advanced data analytics.

Revolutionize your manufacturing

Tap into data-driven procurement

Experience the power of data-driven sourcing and procurement solutions, including prescriptive risk sensing, improved category saving and AI-driven P2P models. Improve source-to-pay processes by harnessing the power of a comprehensive analysis of data across suppliers, commodities and more.

Drive innovation with advanced product design and PLM

Improve supply chain visibility

Navigate the complexities of the omnichannel retail supply chain, from sourcing to last-mile delivery, using advanced AI/ML and data insights. Improve resilience and visibility to help your supply chain effectively manage disruptions.


Decision-making partner

Testimonials Quotes

HCLTech is more than an organization where we’ve asked to have work performed at a cost. We want them involved in our decision-making process to highlight where we can be better as a company.

Derek Shaw

Former Senior Director - IT Operations with Land O’ Lakes, Inc.

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Bill Pomerleau

Accelerating progress

Testimonials Quotes

We are accelerating progress for hundreds of leading enterprises across the globe, vested in solving day-to-day and complex challenges with pragmatism and resilience.

Sam Wagar

Former CIO, Price Chopper

Neelu Sethi

Accelerating Digital Innovation

Testimonials Quotes

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, HCLTech has emerged as a valuable ally for us. Their vast expertise facilitated an efficient transition and a quick ramp-up to steady-state reliability. Since then, our partnership has accelerated digital innovation, notably enhancing our digital services and support.

Carl Brisco

SVP & Chief Technology Officer
The ODP Corporation

Carl Brisco

Bringing an Advanced Data Strategy and AI to Retail

Our focus is helping retail enterprises emerge as winners in today’s volatile environment.

This means addressing rapidly evolving technologies, changing customer expectations and navigating the emerging digital landscape.

Learn about our business intelligence solutions for the retail industry.

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Specialty retail

Specialty retail

Explore improvements in assortment planning and inventory spread across omnichannel nodes for different categories.

Single-brand retail

Single-brand retail

Adopt the latest technologies, implement omnichannel distribution and achieve greater cost efficiency.

Fashion, apparel and footwear1

Fashion, apparel and footwear

Enhance demand forecasting for apparel retailers by moving from traditional forecast tools to advanced data-driven, AI-powered solutions, thereby improving demand planning.

Grocery and mass merchandising

Grocery and mass merchandising

Enhance customer experience and optimize inventory-on-hand . Leverage our AI-powered tools to accelerate in-store performance through real-time insights.

Restaurants and food services1

Restaurants and food services

Improve customer experience, enhance point-of-sale (POS) operations, drive loyalty, implement effective promotions and optimize supply chains using advanced AI and IoT tools.

Why HCLTech Should Be Part
of Your Retail 4.0 Journey

Emerging and disruptive technologies —along with changing customer expectations —are driving rapid change in the retail industry, making it difficult for retailers to keep up on their own.

Based on decades of experience, HCLTech can partner with you to provide innovative retail solutions that address the challenges of supply chain management, customer experience delivery and data-driven decision-making.

Our expertise in mobility solutions, end-to-end retail management systems and tailored digital solutions for retail will result in delighted customers for both your in-store and online shoppers.

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Grocery and merchandise chains are our clients


Innovation partners


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Success Stories Highlighting Our Impact on Our Retail Clients

HCLTech’s Digital Core

As we have since our beginnings in the 1970s as a plucky tech start-up, we understand that great outcomes begin with a strong foundation of curiosity, knowledge and ingenuity.

Our digital core is built upon the fundamentals of a strong consultative approach, an eye on business outcomes and a drive to supercharge progress for our clients in everything we do.

Powering the future of intelligent insights and data-driven decision-making, our digital and analytics team will help you unlock the full potential of your data, propelling your business forward to a successful future.

Connecting people, processes, things and data, our ‘Define, Build and Run’ offerings and IoT solutions cater to the unique needs of your organization, no matter where you are on your IoT adoption journey.

Elevate the user experience you're delivering, boost uptime and eliminate tech debt with HCLTech’s application services. See around the corner to achieve enterprise-level operational resilience.

DRYiCE focuses on leveraging AI and cloud to build products for transforming and simplifying your IT and business operations.

Our infrastructure management services carry some of the most impressive credentials in the IT vendor landscape. We have not only executed complex global IT transformation exercises but also run efficient IT services for over 300 of the world’s leading companies.

We combine the technological depth and solution-driven approach required to consistently deliver the results you need in today's competitive landscape. From product blueprinting to support, and from software/hardware to mechanical, we work with over half of the top 100 R&D engineering companies around the world.

HCLTech Digital Process Operations (DPO) digital services and solutions is reimagining the role of technology, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to enabling digital innovation and fueling business performance.


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