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Building the bank of the future requires a strategic focus on developing new value propositions founded on transformative technologies. Banks need to develop advanced capabilities that cut across layers of operations, compliance, customer expectations and market disruptions. We partner with banks to enable:

  • Operating model transformation: Product-aligned operating models to drive alignment between business and IT across the customer value chain for highly agile delivery models
  • AI: A combination of traditional AI and generative AI strategically scaled to deliver new experiences and offer AI-driven insights for business agility
  • Industry cloud: A range of cloud strategy and consulting offerings to assist banks in embracing continuous cloud modernization and driving transformation at scale
  • Data analytics: End-to-end data analytics capabilities to increase operational efficiency and enhance personalization with data insights

As organizations get ready to ride the next wave of disruption, HCLTech’s banking capabilities are uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the evolving digital landscape.


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Our partnership with HCLTech has supercharged our ability to digitize our business, as well as enabled us to drive agility and improve digital experience for our customers. The end-to-end transformation has enhanced our capabilities to operate in a stable, compliant and resilient ecosystem.

Damiano Zanisi

Damiano Zanisi

Chief Information Officer | ING Italia

HCLTech is a partner of choice for NatWest for leading digital transformation initiatives. We partnered with HCLTech to drive forward NatWest’s strategy of becoming a relationship Bank for the Digital World, to support us in the delivery of our Retail Banking digital customer journeys. HCLTech has been instrumental in bringing in strong technical competence to accelerate the progress of our strategic digital propositions and has delivered immense value to our customers & wider stakeholders through successful deliveries within the EveryDay Banking domain.

Shalini Arora

Shalini Arora

Director, Everyday Banking at NatWest Group

The collaboration between HCLTech and Pega creates a terrific combination of technological expertise and innovative solutions to supercharge remarkable business transformation for our clients.

Alan Trefler

Alan Trefler

Founder & CEO | Pegasystems, Inc.

HCLTech has been a great partner in our digital work. Our teams have worked collaboratively and innovatively to accelerate the delivery of our amazing digital mortgage buying experience.

Wendy Redshaw

Wendy Redshaw

Chief Digital Information Officer | Retail Banking | NatWest Group

Our partnership with HCLTech has enabled us to bring the best of technology and people together and supercharge our progress towards our goal of building the bank of the future.

Linda Da Silva

Linda Da Silva

Chief Information Officer | ING Australia

Future-Forward Innovation with Connected Labs

Powering Payments

We enable financial services institutions to leverage cutting-edge technology — typically relegated to the fintech world — to build better payment experiences and accelerate growth. Our payments framework is uniquely positioned to support financial institutions in addressing complex payment processing. The framework is designed to deliver a superior payment experience across the payments and cards ecosystem, achieved through initiatives such as payments transformation, payments observability, global payments gateways and more.

We navigate evolving scenarios and client expectations with contextual and banking-forward solutions. With our co-innovation centers, engineering mindset and product-centric approach, we help banks evolve and take charge of tomorrow.

Future-Forward Innovation with Connected Labs
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HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Everest Group Payments IT Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment, 2023

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HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Avasant Banking Process Transformation 2023 RadarView

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HCLTech positioned as a Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group’s Open Finance IT Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

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HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Everest PEAK Matrix® Banking Operations 2022, Worldwide

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